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Apr 27, 2009
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Hi guys and gals,

A friend of mine has been in hospital for quite some time...several months She was pretty tight lipped about the whole thing as she didn't want any 'pity-party' posts and calls about what was happening, until of course, recently, the cat eventually had to come out of the bag. She's been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

She's still the type who'd rather you treat her as you know her and not her disease but some friends have taken it upon themselves to set up a much-needed gofundme page in order for her to get a wheelchair so that she can can have some mobility to get around with her 2 little ones and not spend her days confined to bed. Financially it isn't something she 'll ever to be able to achieve otherwise and sadly, she's nowhere near her goal.

I'm not the type to post such things and she likely wouldn't otherwise reach out herself, but I'd like to do my part where able by at least giving her funding project some exposure and a chance. I certainly don't expect strangers to donate to strangers but perhaps there are people here for whom cancer is a personal charity choice and especially, for those, who often wonder where their funds go, in this case, you'd certainly know.

A bit about Terri from my perspective.
Back in the early days when Facebook didn't have glossy games and slick memes she was the first person I 'met'. Over time we developed a real friendship and ultimately I ended up moving into her city where we became 'real-life' friends. The city was quite far away and she did a lot of work on her end checking out apts and houses for me and my ex, following up calls and when there, driving us around, helping us move in etc.

She invited me into her circle of friends, all of whom I'm still friends with today. We karaoked often, held social get togethers at each others' houses, spent weekends camping, shared holidays and special events etc. She even hosted my first TRUE adult birthday party (it's week of Christmas, they're hard to pull off, but she did it). During a local pride event, her children proudly wore signs bearing my name to declare they supported their 'uncle' and the family marched together. She's been there for my ups and downs and her family became an extension of mine in support and love.

While her condition saddens me, it hurts more knowing 2 bright, beautiful children will ultimately be without their mother. far too soon in their lives

The gofund me page is designed to grant her mobility so this single mother of 2 can spend her time with her kids and build more memories together while they're still able.

As an aside, for my part...I've been growing out my hair these past 2 years without a cut. I'm just shy of the 10 inches needed at which point I've offered her my hair to create a wig if she'd like it (she now refers to it as 'her hair' lol). She's had the proverbial 'hair to the bum' forever but recently lost it due to the treatments. I've the long blonde, fine hair, and while nowhere the length she maintained, I hope it offers her a measure of comfort
I'm sure going to miss mine (below), but I'm fortunate enough to have the luxury to grow it back and know it'll go to better use. :)


Please check out her page. And thanks for taking the time to read. :)

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Mar 10, 2005
Wish I could help :(

But, a $5000 target? You can get a super-duper-sweet electric ride for that...:D

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