A bonus of 100% in a big casino


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Nov 3, 2006
Castel casino on the site
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offer 100% of bonus, the casino is more elegant and have new game than other casino in fact the casino have a solitarie that other casino not have and the % of winner are very high, one people yesterday win 82354 euro to slot machine, have a jackpot of 14 milion of euro......i try this casino and i have enjoed and win much money.....exscuse me for my imperfect english!!!!!
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And thank you for making an excuse for your bad english but please also excuse not reading the forum rule and that you are a stupid spammer!

(Yeah, I beat the moderators this time!)

Edit:Oh my god! That is the most ugly casino homepage I have ever seen.
Software is the same as the Grand Virtual group (Casino Glamour etc.)
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