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Jul 22, 2004
Cincinnati, OH USA
Can someone help me out here. This really isn't related to gambling but I believe that this is where I found a link one time related to scam artists.

I received one of those (my very first) annoying emails from a not-so-good English speaking chap (or should I say, SAP) from somewhere in Africa...Sierra Leone...u know the usual sob story and then 'this isn't a scam but a legit business' blah blah blah where they want one to invest.

I hate the thoughts of these creeps getting away with any iota of a bad scam and would like to forward it to someone who can investigate and possibly prosecute.

I remember there is a website that is devoted to this. The owner of the site has some very amusing correspondence complete with pictures that he makes them send him. He keeps them running in circles doing crazy things to 'prove' they are who they are.

Can someone help me here? I thought it was on a click here on Casinomeister that I found this site one time and had a few good laughs but at the same time, disgusted by these scumbags.


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