a bit cuckoo?


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Is this like the cuckoo of slots? Moving in and acting like it's one of the original birds?
Birds (BetSoft) looks like a blatant rip-off of Birds on a Wire (Thunderkick), with glossier graphics, from the way they sit on a wire, to flying off and dropping down.
Do lawyers not pop up for these things and be all 'oh, nonononono, I don't think so'?


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I guess it's a bit difficult to copyright birds.

Unless something a tad more contentious like Angry Birds for example.

With so many thematically-linked ripoffs floating about anyway, a lot of them are generally based on sources that are widely known or just not worth suing over, like just about any Egyptian slot or games about fish.

Let's just nip it in the bud and call every game SlotLose, followed by a number!


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I kneww itt!! that is why the games was so familiar to me..
this game from BetSoft Birds have an amazing graphics and all...and I have to admit that the game is pretty fun to me...but still don't get it why they would do such thing?? the games is practically copied...gosshh:mad::mad::mad:


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I will give this a go because I used to love the old version of birds on a wire but was annoyed they nerfed it and reduced the RTP. Definitely plays different after that.

As for the copyright issue there are some very fine lines and I am not one to judge where to draw them!