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Feb 3, 2004
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I understand this may get moved to a more appropriate place on the Forum, but I'll start it here anyways ...

I was reading something recently where someone bemoaned the fact that they didn't tell someone else how influential they had been. The other person had passed away and the first person just wished he could have told that person how important they had been.

In a similar vein, and in my effort to personally show people I know the effect they've had on me, here goes:

Bryan, I just wanted to give you personal and public kudos for a job well-done. You get a lot of people who waste your time with fraudulent claims and I know you've almost chucked the whole PAB because of this. I, for one, thank you for continuing to do it and helping those folks who may have no other recourse.

This site helps out a lot of people and, unfortunately, sometimes the thanks isn't given when it should. Consider this, in the spirit of the season, my shout-out to you for striving and digging in to make this one of the most well-respected sites concerning online gambling.

A lot of times we go through life feeling under-appreciated. This time of year, especially, it's good to let others know if they've had a positive effect. You have, Bryan, and I hope more people echo my sentiments if they feel the same. :thumbsup:
**Macgyver.. what a splendid idea! Well, I will start here with Bryan too.
I have learned that there are the hunters and the hunted. Brayn you are the hunter with empathy and sympathy for the hunted! What a rare combination.!! **
Byran is the man, know doubt about it. The only think I still dont understand does he want to join the WWF
this place makes me feel safe

before i open up an account at any new casinos i always check here first

thanks bryan :thumbsup: :notworthy :notworthy
Macgyver said:
...I was reading something recently where someone bemoaned the fact that they didn't tell someone else how influential they had been. The other person had passed away and the first person just wished he could have told that person how important they had been...
Do you know something I don't know :eek2:

Seriously, thanks and you're welcome :cheers:
My appreciation...

I spent an interesting evening reading archives, and this one epitomizes the quality of the meister.. there are lots more examples in your every day work Bryan, but I saw your wit and your integrity both exemplified here .. we are very fortunate to have you! Thank you for what you do and the way you do it!
Originally Posted by the_cpa
I choose not to respond to your patheic insinuations..

>>How is bringing up the fact that you promote the Chance Group of casinos an insinuation? I guess those aren't affiliate links at your site, but insinuating ones.

Originally Posted by the_cpa
For your own misguided reasons you chose to single my operation out a crowd of hundreds, or maybe thousands. ..

Misguided no - you two webmasters are the first on the list since you choose the limelight so to speak. The spammers and portal masters who have hundreds of sites are culprits too. But since you and "her" choose to attract attention to yourselves, obviously you're the first persons Vortan and I pointed fingers at.

Originally Posted by the_cpa
One of the most respected people from the players side has vouched for my integrity. That's good enough for me...

Caruso said you helped him get some money back from some rogue-ass casino, and he said he liked you. Don't put words in the dude's mouth.

Originally Posted by the_cpa
Also, we have covered this subject at the Sucks board already a few days ago. I don't have the time to keep track of, and re-write everything in multible forums....

Blah blah blah. Go back to your hole. <edit.. lol!>

Originally Posted by the_cpa
My imput on this is there if you are really that interested.

I really am not interested in your "imput". You've avoided my question on why you choose to promote the Chance Group, fair enough.

I'll move on to other matters.

To the rest of the crowd:

The main thing that I am concerned about is that there are too many webmasters who fail to see that there is a certain amount of responsibilty one assumes when promoting online casinos. Many webmasters don't get it. They see this as purely as a business - and will promote anyone regardless. There are also a number that will promote any casino, but will drop casinos when problems arise. That's fine and dandy, but by then it's probably too late for the player. Then there are webmasters who will only take on casinos after the casinos pass the webmaster's litmus test.

Anyway, I think what Bethug was getting at is how do players know what standards the webmasters hold their casinos to. And why is it that players have to come to the boards when they have a complaint.

Seems like I derailed a thread in my own board. Sorry

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
~Bryan Bailey
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Hi trade,

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. I should also point out that I met the CPA in Vegas this past October, and we sat down briefly and had a pow-wow. I apologized for singling him out and coming down on him so hard. I want peace between me and my fellow webmasters/webmistresses. He seems like a nice guy. I lifted his ban from the forum, and I hope he is doing well.

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