a big thankyou from dumbkopf casino spammer


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I recently opened a new online casino at
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and the success that it has achieved has been mind blowing. I would like to thank everyone who has visited the casino and as a thankyou I would like to offer everyone who deposits $100 at the casino another $100 free!!!

Hope to see you all there!!! :notworthy
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funny your site goes to joinmyorgy.com! I am sure youare not affiliated to them, jsut copying their graphics!
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Keywords: homeoffun gamingalliance gaming alliance and other bullshit

It's amazing. And you know what, I'll bet people actually make deposits at these places, enough to keep this sort of thing going.

Maybe it's time, for the common good, to start an "suspicious and fake casinos" thread...(did that)

I know nothing of these "casinos", but I would bet money on their being rogue, because, for instance:
1) None of these sites have any contact information, not even an e-mail address for support!
2) Their website looks very amateurish
3) They spam major forums
4) No licence, no independent payout audits
5) Reference to fake watchdog organisation (gaming alliance)

etc...it's a no brainer, really, I know.

Anyway, I wanted to post this for keywords so this would come up in a google search should someone try and find out more about these :)

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casinohost said:
I recently opened a new online casino at
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Hope to see you all there!!! :notworthy
Tea for Two: Terms & Conditions.
I don't like it :mad:

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Prices: All prices are F.O.B from our Orange County
California warehouse. Prices may change without notice.

Product: Dimensions, styles, color, materials and graphical representations are approximate and may change without notice.

Minimum Order: There is no minimum order size, any order less than $75.00, excluding shipping and handling, will be subject to a $10.00 service charge.

Shipping & Handling: All order are shipped by UPS. Charges are prepaid and added to your invoice. A handling charge of $1.50 is added to all orders. U.S. Postal Service may be used on small orders. There is a $1.00 surcharge for deliveries to residential addresses. If you request, your order will be sent by Next Day or Second Day Air.

Shortages & Damage: All shortage or damage claims must be reported to us within 3 days of receipt of order. Report visible damage to carrier immediately then notify us.

Returns: Returns are not accepted.

Credit Terms: Terms and credit limits may be established for repeat customers. Please email us at info@teafortwo.com for an application.

Shipping Time: Orders received by 2:00 PM are usually shipped that day.
They charge too much ;)


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It's just a white label solution offered by AWA for free...
Its the Grand Virtual Group, like Casino Lux, Fantasy, Treasure...

I have seen this template/white label very often on ebay in the last year, just some guys trying to sell a ready made casino... the amazing thing is that peoples really buy those "casinos" just they don't know anything about the biz and that this is just a free white label...

Anyone interested to spend a few bucks? :)
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I really don't get how something like this is still working...

But I like the part:
I recently opened a new online casino
hmmm, yeah right, logging in to the affiliate account and setting up the white label......
It should have been: I purchased a domainname... because nothing more is done by this guy.. to set this up needs 2 minutes...

Even better I like this part:
...and the success that it has achieved has been mind blowing.
how mind blowing this success could have been in 2 weeks...???
COMETSCASINO.com >>> Creation Date: 11-jan-2006 !!!!

At least the guys here had some fun.. :thumbsup:

Good Luck
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Slotmachine said:
Yo Spear, you forgot the thread title...:)

Funnily enough, that was the first thing I edited - but somewhere along the line, the title reverted to its original content, as I added fun new sites for you all to explore :)

Sodax - be glad Tea for Two doesn't require 15x drinkthrough... :D