9 Months late, but ......


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Apr 3, 2015
.... having realised I never 'introduced' myself, now think it time to do so and reflect on the last 9 months of being a Casinomeister member!

I am now 40, live in Kent (born and raised in Essex though) and have spent 19 years working in London in legal accounts. Currently on household duties for last couple of years due to wife with long term illness and therefore am doing kids school runs, etc. Unfortunately this is one reason I have reignited my affair with online slots/casino, having only ever played them once every 6 months before to avoid the addiction!

Have learnt a lot in the last 9 months on the forum, having previously being quite naive to the industry, mainly:

1) Read the T&C's!!!! See if the casino will treat you fair in the event of a win.
2) Research the casino to see if they will actually pay out and how long it will take.
3) Don't reverse a withdrawal request - 90% of the time you will lose it and feel bad for being weak. (however, have to admit I partially reversed a £130 withdrawal yesterday and resubmitted one for £500!))
4) Only take a bonus if wanting a long play session (taking into account point 1). I had a lovely win at Virgin Games of over £1200 in first week of playing online - only to realise I couldn't withdraw it due to wagering requirements and subsequently lost it all. Very rarely take a bonus now.
5) Don't chase a loss or be stubborn. Amazing how quick a £50 deposit turns into £500 - if it ain't going to pay, you can't force it!
6) Use self exclusion only if you have a problem with gambling and check for sister sites of the casino you excluded from - just in case you have an account there as well.

Current thoughts: Do I have a problem with gambling?
Answer: Tough to answer this one. I do enjoy online slots and the buzz you get when winning big from small stakes, but financially not in a position to play so often now or with big stakes, hence really appreciating the wins and withdrawals I get. Used to go through silly spells of depositing too much and hating what I have done, but such is life. This scenario mainly happens after a nice win and thinking I have funds to play with, instead of spending/enjoying the win appropriately. Much happier now that I have correctly set exclusions/cooling off periods at many casinos and now play with deposit limits at a select few who offer quick withdrawal processes, good selection of games, good reputation, etc.

Very nice belonging to this forum and equally enjoyable seeing the winners screenshots, videos and Wild Desire wins. Not so much with DoA as I have never had a wild line or 5 scatters despite many spins on it (trying not to sound bitter here!)!!! However, now know that despite the many wins shown, there are many losses not shown to get these wins, so can't begrudge people getting these wins.

Biggest single win to date: Playtech Marvel progressive jackpot of £1800
Most satisfying win: £5 deposit at Coral, withdrawal processed for £200
Biggest deposit loss: £600 in one night - started as a £50 deposit, then got stubborn and tried chasing the loss.
Luckiest moment: Chasing a loss one night and losses accumulated to around £550, then bonus round came in on Marvel Spiderman whereby I won around £800 - quickly submitting a withdrawal request and turning the computer off!

Now gambling is back on track with more self control and actually in slight profit over the last few months after going through a bad stage - mainly when my lifestyle changed and a big blow to my system. I now deposit expecting to lose after enjoying the games, so always happy if I manage a withdrawal.

Great forum and helps in many ways which aren't always mentioned - with thanks to all its members. Strangely enough the angry trolling posts are an eye opener at how bitter people can be with gambling, so again thanks to these (although in reality no place for it) for warning us what can happen to us as individuals, through to the knowledgeable industry specialists, the regular players showing us their wins, the low stake players for proving you can still enjoy playing with pennies, etc etc.

Cheers everyone and good luck, play sensible and be fair!


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Feb 10, 2012
Just read your intro and you reinforced a few points I had recently forgotten - careful when self excluding (sister sites) being one of those points.

You sound like an intelligent gambler, someone that learns from other peoples mistakes/frustrations as well as his own. Glad you are part of this awesome forum :D


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Nov 24, 2008
Hi and welcome almost same age then :thumbsup: Great post and yeah it is great here of course for newbies seeing those troll threads etc can be bit hmm and scare them away which a shame. But sometimes anger just gets into it, Guess it is gambling after all :p But it is mostly great here and a very nice community we agree on most things like 32Red :D