9 Dead In Manchester, Conn. Workplace Shooting


Nurses love to give shots
What a day in Manchester CT.
I live like 3 miles from this Tragedy
And I knew a few of the victims involved.
My Heart & my deepest sympathy & prayers go out to all of the families.
This is so sad that things like this take place.
The Killers mother lives in my town.
Sad Sad Sad day in Ct.

MANCHESTER MASSACRE: Beer driver kills 8, self, in shooting spree
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9 Dead In Manchester, Conn. Workplace Shooting

Omar Thornton almost slept through his 6 a.m. wakeup call Tuesday, springing to life only after the teenage brother of his girlfriend nudged him awake.

The 34-year-old kissed his girlfriend Kristi Hannah goodbye, told her he loved her, and then left her East Windsor apartment for work at Hartford Distributors Inc. in Manchester, where he was to meet about 7 a.m. with company and union officials about allegations that he had stolen beer from the beverage wholesaler.

Within hours, he was lying dead on an office floor, having taken his own life as police closed in after a rampage that left eight co-workers dead and made him the biggest mass murderer in state history.


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Nine dead in Connecticut workplace shooting
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Great News updates from ch 3
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My sympathies to the families affected as well, this is truly sad and is reminiscent of a huge number of incidents here were Police Officers were the aggressors towards their families...
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Nurses love to give shots
My Wife is a Communications Supervisor that talked on some of the types here for EH to Manchester PD

911 Tapes of Omar Thornton Shooting in Hartford Connecticut
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Nurses love to give shots
Here is an update on all this.

Union leaders hold memorial at Bushnell
For Manchester Massacre victims

Hartford, Conn. (WTNH) - It's been nearly two weeks since Omar Thornton opened fire at Hartford Distributors killing eight of his co-workers.

Sunday, company and union leaders held a memorial service in their honor.

Elected officials, friends and family of the eight workers who died in the Manchester Massacre joined together to pay tribute to the victims and honor their lives.

Hundreds packed the Bushnell Memorial Theater to honor the eight men killed by disgruntled worker Omar Thornton before he turned the gun on himself and to honor those still recovering after the horrific ordeal.

Victims' family members shared their memories and thoughts at the memorial.

Chris Roos, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 1035, said, "It falls to us to live our lives as they lived theirs… We here today are their legacy."

"This is a shame. But just remember that we are all here together,” said Gina Fazzio, Francis Fazzio's daughter. “We’re all standing by each other and we’re all going to get through this."

The take home the message from this tribute was to remember the men for how they lived their lives, not how they were taken.

To drive home that message were the words from the friends and family, but also U.S. Rep. John Larson who is close to the Hollanders and some of the Teamsters. Larson brought the ten American flags he said flew over the Capitol in Washington D.C. after the shooting.

Jerome Rosenstein of West Hartford, who was wounded in the attack, remains in the hospital.

Steven Hollander is still recovering at this time.

Eight of the flags were presented to members of the dead men's families.

The remaining two went to Hartford Distributors and the Hollander family and Local 1035.

By: Crystal Haynes
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2nd charged in Conn. beer thefts preceding rampage

ENFIELD, Conn. – Police in Connecticut have charged a second person in connection with the theft of beer from a company where a worker killed eight people and himself two weeks ago.

Thirty-three-year-old Sean Quail, of Enfield, was charged Monday with misdemeanor larceny and conspiracy. He posted bail and is to appear in Enfield Superior Court on Aug. 31.

Quail's wife, 33-year-old Christy Quail, was arrested on similar charges Aug. 6.

Authorities say Christy Quail was caught on video accepting stolen beer from Omar Thornton, a driver for Hartford Distributors who shot eight people to death, wounded two others and killed himself at the company's Manchester headquarters on Aug. 3.

The Quails didn't immediately return a message left at their home Tuesday morning.
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