WARNING 88Asia88 is confiscating winnings without explanation


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Jan 20, 2004
A few months ago a player brought a PAB to us regarding non-payment of roughly £20,000. He hadn't played any bonuses but had been pretty lucky and had successfully completed a few modest withdrawals on smaller winnings but when he hit the big one he found his account locked and received an email:

informing me that the website was undergoing urgent system maintenance and the casino was unavailable and all accounts were frozen for 72 hours.

Strangely he was able to verify that other players still had access to their accounts during this time. He pressed the casino for information:
and was told that they were conducting an investigation on possible fraudulent activities and as a suspected player my account will remain frozen.

Although the casino denied at the time that they were actually accusing him of anything they soon stopped responding to his emails. To date the casino has never explained their actions to him nor has he received any of the £20,000.

I tried to contact the casino on the player's behalf but discovered there was no way to reach them other than live chat. In live chat they provided an email address where I should send the details of the player's issue. I did this and received an auto-response informing me that a ticket had been created in their Customer Service system and that I should follow the link given and use the password provided.

I tried to access the ticket but their system said that I was not authorised to view it. I reported this to them and received another email telling me that a (new) ticket had been created, link and (new) password as before. Again I tried this, again "not authorised", again I reported it to them but this time there was no reply. I've tried several times since to login to the ticket system, same results. I've tried emailing them several times and still no reply.

Warning: 88Asia88 (88Asia88.com) is confiscating player winnings without explanation. The casino does not cooperate with players who have complaints and is ignoring those who try to help on the player's behalf. Players are advised to avoid this casino until it is clear they have cleaned up their act and are handling player issues responsibly.
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