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Dec 1, 2009
I requsted a cashout from 888 Casino on Net.

I received an email stating that I require to wager another $3906.00 to be able to cashout my requsted amount. As I know this is incorrect I contacted the live chat, but I will get to that later.

The story:

I have accumulated 809 comp points by playing Blackjack, in other words I have wagered 8090 on blackjack.

My wager requriement in total was 8000. 200$ deposit + 200$ bonus x 20 = 8000$ Im from a non restricted country and blackjack is a not a restricted game according to the terms and conditions which can be read here:

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I contacted the live chat and here is the conversation:

My username is changed to (Me) and email adress and password is hidden from the chat

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(Me): Wager requriement
Kathia: Welcome to 888.com Live Chat! We are glad to be of service. Whilst I try to locate your 888casino account with your given email address, please confirm the first 2 characters of your password.
(Me): hi
(Me): (hidden) my email
(Me): (hidden) my 2 first characters of my password
(Me): I tried to cashout but got an email that I have not completed the wagerreq.
(Me): my wagerreq was 8000$
(Me): I have accumulated 809 comp points.
Kathia: please confirm the first 2 characters of your password.
(Me): (hidden) my 2 first characters of my password
Kathia: thank you
Kathia: you still need to wager 3906
(Me): how come?
(Me): my wagerreq was 8000 I have wagered 8090 at least
Kathia: what game are you playing
(Me): according to my comp points
(Me): Blackjack
Kathia: certain bets on blackjack will not count toward the wagering requirement
(Me): uhm
(Me): where is that stated?
Kathia: is part of our policy
(Me): no
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(Me): not according to that bonus policy
(Me): 9.Comp points accumulated via low-risk wagering in all versions of Wild Wheel, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps bets will not be calculated as a valid wager with regard to Casino-on-Net's Bonus Policy cash out requirements.
Kathia: I am sorry is is not stated there
Kathia: for example Placing minimum bets and relying on the house edge to only lose x amount of the bonus.

-To use the the double bet strategy when losing
(Me): nothing about blackjack
(Me): haha what
(Me): forget it
(Me): Im cashing out
Kathia: you will not be able to cashout any winnings until you have meet the wagering requirement
(Me): I have meet the requriements for god sake
Kathia: I am sorry but that is not the case according to our system
(Me): how come I have got 809 comp points then?
(Me): if I get 1 comp points for evry 10 I bet.
Kathia: the bets will count for the points but not for the wagering
(Me): do I realy have to take this to casinomaister?
(Me): you know you will lose, such a case.
(Me): and be blacklisted.
(Me): its rediculous.
Kathia: I am sorry that you feel that way
Kathia: but is our policy
Kathia: Can I be of any further assistance to you today?
(Me): there is no policy for this
(Me): Casinomeister next. Will post your name there aswell so the manager can kick you out later.
Kathia: I am sorry that you are not seeing it
Kathia: Can I be of any further assistance to you today?
Kathia: I have received no response from you for over 3 minutes. Would you like me to continue assisting in this issue or any other issues?
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Can they realy do like this and keep their licence?


Jan 10, 2009
To answer your question... YES they can do that and they get away with it.
Thole group which 888 belongs to, is well know for calling the "bonus abuser" on a player, when trying to withdraw.

In your case, I think there is really no choice, but to play the remaining wagering req.
You could contact Ecogra, but I am not sure if it will help you much in this situation.

You can forget about PAB, since 888 doesnt respond to any third party.


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Oct 6, 2009
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So there is nothing I can do realy?

Proceed with your current course (eCogra, providing proof from bank, etc) and DON'T BACK DOWN.

They have been known to reverse their decisions from time to time when they're proven to be in the wrong.

(Me): do I realy have to take this to casinomaister?

HOWEVER extortion (threatening to post here, etc.) is very counter-productive and I suggest you keep it properly businesslike.


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Aug 3, 2009
Can they realy do like this and keep their licence?

Posted by rabpurves today on MSE:

"5? It all counts I suppose. Out of my 31 friends (I aint showing off!), 17 got 25, 3 got 20 and 11 got nowt. Will keep checking them though the next few days in case Ladbrokes still have some accounts to credit."

Can really they do this and not getting screwed?


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Oct 14, 2004
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eCogra is the best bet, there is NOTHING in the terms about Blackjack. They seem to have added a term about getting the welcome bonus in all the "skins" though - it is now once for Cassava as a whole. They STILL don't define what constitutes a skin, nor do they define "restricted territories". This is both a player trap, and a boon for the knowledgeable.

Just send support the email "is my territory a restricted one", and "does Blackjack play also count under bonus terms regarding "abusive" play. This would then provide evidence for use in any complaint to eCogra, and the casino would either have to back down, or alter the story it has already told eCogra in it's initial justification for either not paying, or adding further WR.

The chat host even says increasing bets after losing is "abuse", REALLY!! Are the games not RANDOM:confused:, you are therefore NO more likely to win with a doubled bet because you lost the last one, than had you WON the last one. Chat does NOT say that doubling the bet after WINNING is "abuse", just after LOSING.