888.com defies Dutch law


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Jun 30, 1998
Here is an excerpt from today's G4 Newsletter:
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Although the Minister for Justice, Piet-Hein Donner would like to see things differently, the ever-increasing number of gambling sites seem unstoppable. Almost 300,000 Dutch regularly try their luck on sites like 888.com and unibet.com. Such internet sites are officially illegal in our country, but are completely focused on the Dutch market. The law of gambling stipulates that, in the Netherlands, only De Lotto, the Dutch State Lottery and Holland Casino are allowed to offer internet gambling facilities. They are obliged to participate in a Prevention of problem gambling programme and to protect against any gambling by minors. Such regulation is not present at illegal gambling sites says the Minister for Justice.

But most of the providers of illegal gambling sites for the Dutch market believe themselves to be invincible. One of the biggest online casinos, www.888.com, is not afraid of anything. We are located in Gibraltar and we obey the law as good citizens, a fluently Dutch speaking employee stated when contacted via an 0800-number. Just like dozens of other foreign gambling websites, 888.com received correspondence from the Department of Justice with an urgent request to end all activities on the Dutch market. "No way were going to give in - let them come to Gibraltar then we will see what the judge will decide in this matter...

Sounds pretty arrogant to me.
888 considers themselves above everything.

I have one thing to say here:

The higher they climb, the harder they fall.

Especially with all the arrogance displayed as of late.

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