888 /cassava casino Gibralter


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I've been trying to find info on the 888 casino, but can't find it anywhere. Any help is appreciated to steer me in the right direction.. I may be going blind! Thanks


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you will get paid (three day pending period minimum) however their exchange rates are dog sh*t and their customer service are probably the worst ive come across (two days waiting for an email reply as standard)


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Ah another chance to air my views on this wonderful (NOT!) group.

I'm in a decent mood so will give a fair review for a change....

They have a good choice of slots and bingo also (depending on which 'skin' you are playing)

They can offer regular decent bonuses for deposits and no deposit based stuff.


A list of terms and conditions as long as your arm which if they update these they will not inform you so a regular read is required.

One wrong move on a player side and they will not pay you.

One they make a decision they NEVER back down, rare they enter in to any correspondence.

They will not talk to CM as a third party so no chance of any PAB if things headed that way.

They have over £400 of my money which I will never see, I did no wrong doing to lose this cash either.

I have 2 other 'real life' friends who have been done out of cash outs/bonuses this year alone.

I am actually amazed that you cannot find any info online about these guys, the internet is literally peppered with facts about Cassava/888 and most of it is BAD!

Plenty of other much safer options out there IMO :thumbsup:


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I've been trying to find info on the 888 casino, but can't find it anywhere. Any help is appreciated to steer me in the right direction.. I may be going blind! Thanks
Well treat your search like looking for a chancre on your bell-end: be very relieved when you don't find one.:thumbsup:


0---> 400$ withdrawal without problems
but yes,they can close account without reason

I know a lot of poker players "Who won too much".

They lost access to account , but received their bankrolls

Therefore, I do not play poker here:D

sry for my eng.;)


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Too many negatives about this lot. Soon as I see there name on a casino I move on. They are over all crap and I would hate to hit big with this group odds on you would not get paid due to some deep hidden term. They have so many skins and probably a massive player base that they simply do not give a toss. Everyone should avoid all sites operated by 888/ cassava .... !


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Will keep it brief so as not to fall into mega attack mode.
played there everyday for hours on end on the poker side, often waking up and turning it on and hitting the tables, for many many many years. made tens of thousands on microstakes, was basically living off it at the time with no other income. made at least 1000 small withdrawals, but as stated - the pending period is a joke - & then you have the weekend don't count towards the business days once it is actually processed (so can take upto 10-14 days to see that withdrawal appear). the exchange rate is conveniently ridiculous (probably why they take 3 pending days, to find the worst exchange rate and quickly process it on that moment, despite the original exchange rate being at a fixed rate, which was always shit) The CS is an absolute joke as well. I jackpotted many slots when eventually falling for the casino side of the poker site because it is constantly in view and only '1 click away' while you are playing poker (despite being self controlled for years). I played one slot more than all the others put together, being co-incidently the first one i went to.... probably 500 hours worth of play easily on that slot (santastic, if i remember) and done 3 odd years of my life - and tens of thousands of bucks at 0.75c for no win EVER that went over 150x stake. perhaps i must of been unlucky (hmm). The poker side is so full of fish that despite being easy money you will come away forgetting how to play decent poker lol.
Other than that, great site!