888 casino bonus scammers


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Sep 19, 2010
NOT looking for a PAB or anything, just complaining and venting to warn others not to use 888.com or casino on net.

Deposited around 17th of August, played for 4 full days, made withdrawl request on 21st of August meeting all my wagering requirements, i had 400$+ in the account.

They asked me for personal ID, and statements verifying my identity; I provided my personal info including driver's license, credit cards statement(obviously censoring creditcard #s), and my debit card used to deposit.

They say they will ony give me my $200 USD deposit back for bonus abuse or my account being linked to other accounts. WTF?

I made a dispute form on Ecogra, and "Tex" says there's evidence that my account is linked to other accounts, but they can't tell me what the evidence is.

I successfully wagered all the requirements and I have never ever registered at an online casino before except poker sites such as fulltilt/pokerstars/UB/etc.
^^ This statement I swear on my life.

888 and Ecogra is a joke.


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Oct 2, 2008
Well, they are listed here as "sorry - no can do" if i am not mistaken,, wich means that Cassinomeister cant even help since they refuse to talk about a players issue with a third part.
To bad u lost some of your money - but atleast you got 200 back...

I for one would not play there!!