888 Casava / dragonfish bingo / casino bonus term change


Ueber Meister
Mar 21, 2012
For many years, mostly the bingo sites when you had a bonus you could still cash out but bonus resets to 0, For instance you had £20 bonus and used £5 in bingo and won, the winnings would go into cash, than use that to try and build cash up,

Well now and all the new sites coming out including the casino's have changed, So if using bonus it will go back into bonus, I guess this is fair but they are going to lose alot of players when they realize, I have only had two emails so far about the change, from older bingo sites so wonder if they are all going this way and not telling players?

As I said its fair but all these sites mostly bingo are adding casino bonus in the mix, & reason being is that there is a 99x turn over for free cash or 60x D&B But what makes this even of a more of a joke is that the max that counts is slots and count 90%, This makes a 100% games bonus like 140x deposit wager

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