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May 17, 2017
There are numerous other shady practices that 888 should be investigated for, I hope all of those catch-up with them eventually as well!


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May 22, 2012
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It's all down to the poor and woolly wording as usual, the UKGC has to take some of blame. That's why we have the EMSEB situation to start with for example.

All it takes are the sentences to be modified regarding self-set instant full automated TAB/SE and the responsibility for the licensee, in unequivocal terms, to be responsible for cross referencing all player applications at the point of sign-up for ALL their properties/white labels. While these terms remain imprecise and lax you are going to see cases like the 32Red incident Easter 2016, EMSEB and 888 continue. :rolleyes:


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Jan 20, 2004
Haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere on-site, but more of the same:
the guardian
Online betting firm 888 investigated by watchdog
by Rob Davies
Monday 15 May 2017 17.17 BST

Online gambling company 888 is being investigated by the industry regulator, which has the power to strip betting firms of their licence to do business, amid concern over the tools it uses to help problem gamblers.

The Gambling Commission is examining 888’s “self-exclusion” regime, a system betting firms use to allow customers to bar themselves voluntarily from gambling.

The company, founded by a trio of Israeli entrepreneurs in 1997, does offer self-exclusion tools, such as a six-month hiatus when customers cannot play its games.

But sources familiar with the situation said the review was looking into whether 888’s systems had been effective at blocking gamblers who chose to use it.

The commission does not comment on reviews until it has reached a verdict on whether a company has transgressed the rules of its licence to operate.

But unlike some gambling rivals, 888 is listed on the London Stock Exchange and was forced to disclose the review under rules designed to prevent insider trading by people with information that could significantly affect the company.

The announcement sent its shares down nearly 7% by midday on Monday.

In a statement to the stock market, 888 said the regulator was examining “the manner in which a subsidiary of the company has carried on its licensed activities to ensure compliance with the ... operating licence held by the licensee”.

The subsidiary in question is understood to be 888’s entire UK operation. (
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Also from our own gourdfollower: UKGC Investigates 888’s UK Operations.