888/777 10k withdrawal drama


Apr 18, 2020
Hi. New to this site and haven’t read through a lot of the forums or understand much but long story short.
I made an account with 888 around the first of April.
Deposited around £100 and somehow managed to get up to a few hundred and from there up to ten grand. Biggest win of my life. Obviously withdrew and turned off my reversal which is a really good feature. We know where this is going. So I get an email saying I have a duplicate account and it’s related to self exclusion. I sent off an email saying I didn’t have an account wjth them and don’t think it’s correct. No reply for nearly a week. Wrote again and to the 888 manager and haven’t heard anything apart from one other email saying I had an account with 777, I do remember I had an account a while back but I don’t think I closed or self excluded. I’ve had other emails since congratulating me on my winnings like they’re almost taunting me. Any ideas if there is anything I can do?