800 is alot of money, it should be mine


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Apr 17, 2005
ok. this happened a while ago, but i just remebered this forum and thought maybe someone can help, www.casinoduweb.com, was a propetary casino and it turned to rtg, back before it was rtg, i recieved a 10 dollar bonus from them, i proceeded to win, and ended up with a little more then 800 dollars, so i submit a withdrawl to e-gold, it said it would be quick 3 days latter i emailed support they said they had no record of me winning, and my account was no longer active, then they reactivated my account, and gave me a 5 dollar bonus to try to make me happy, but i was far from it, they said that they would try to figure it out, and it was a techniqal error. they said i should recieve an email within a month so i waited 2 months later i found out they changed there software and everything, i go to live help, and they say that they have no record of me and my account is closed well in fact they must have a record of me because i still recieve promotional emailers from them every week, can someone help me. please, or tell me someone who can

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