Casino Complaint 777 Dragon Deposit issues again


Dormant account
Oct 30, 2005
How many other people have made a deposit and had it rejected only to check your credit card and see the charge go through, this is the third or fourth time with 777Dragon, and their response has been terrible, chat log attached, take a minute and read how the customer service reps handle the issue, LAUGHABLE

Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Natz'
Natz: Welcome to the support desk. How may I assist you?
George: Hello: I just deposited 110.00, no credit applied to my account, this is the third or fourth time this has happened lately, I want it fixed NOW, I am not prepared to wait,, like before
Natz: While I am reviewing your account could you please provide me with the following details. First and Last Names, Date of Birth, Home Address, Email Address and Telephone number. Thank you, I will be with you shortly.
George: i gacve it to you to styart the chat why again
George: xxxxxxxx
Natz: Thank you, one moment please.
Natz: George, please try depositing odd amounts such as $99 or $102 as those odd amounts are not picked up as easily as round numbers such as $100.00
George: I will send the link to my credit statement you can clearly see the debit in the last few minutes
George: I told you I deposited 110.00
George: I am not making another deposit until I get credit for the last one
Natz: I understand you are depositing 110.00, however please try the above.
Natz: Unfortunately you do not qualify for free spins at this time.
Natz: Is there anything further I may assist you with?
George: No more deposits I said until I credit for the 110.00
George: Yes Where is a senior rep
Natz: Your deposit for 110 was rejected and was not successful.
George: I told you it went through my credit card
Natz: One moment please.
George: Senior rep please, or this chat is going to posted on CasiomiesterNatz: one moment please.
Chat InformationPlease wait while I transfer the chat to 'Abigail'.
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Abigail'
Abigail: Hi George.
George: Hello:
George: Can you please call me
Abigail: I can get another superviso
Abigail: supervisor to call you, alternatively you could tell me what the problem is ?
George: I made a deposit of 110.00 it was rejected, I checked my credit card and the charge went through, this happened in the last 15 minutes, I can the link to my statement, I want the crdit applied I do not want to wait for days, like before
Abigail: One moment while I check my records please.
Abigail: Does the funds show as that they have left your credit card?
George: yes
Abigail: George, you will need to send us a statement of proof like a bank statement to trace the funds and have them added to your account,
George: I said I will, however I am not prepared to wait like before
George: I will post the link and you can look at it right now
Abigail: George, I do understand your frustration , however this can not be done immediately as we will need to follow the transaction with the banking processor which may take a day or 2
George: Unbelivable I have to go through this again, I want a 110.00 comp
George: And this chat is going on Casinomiester within the next few minutes
Abigail: One moment while I review your account.Abigail: George, I will not be able to give you a complimentary bonus of 110.00, The best I can do for you is 25.00
Abigail: Will you accept this offer?
George: Thanks for that, and I will forward an email to customer service to get my 110.00,
Abigail: You may send the mail to
Abigail: Sorry you may send the mail to
Abigail: The previous address is for another player I do apologize for the error
George: Thanks for the attention
Abigail: You are most welcome, can you check if the bonus is available?
George: it is
Abigail: Great, George will you send a copy of your bank statement so we may resolve your deposit rejection as soon as possible.


You type well loads
Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Too aggressive with the chat rep. The threats came in WAY too early, and will damage your case. YOU have in fact, shown YOURSELF up by posting this chat, even though your intent was to show the CASINO in a bad light.

Whilst you were right to stand firm that you would NOT simply be "trying again" until the problem was resolved, you should have made it clear that this position would hold firm for however long it took them to resolve the issue, or you saw your money released back into your card account.

If the casino was right, the money would soon have gone back into your card account, freeing you to deposit again.

If the casino was WRONG, you would have them lying IN WRITING on that chat log, which would have left you in a POWERFUL position with any subsequent complaint.

You could also take it up with the card company, telling them that the "shop" said the payment failed and you "were not getting your goods", but your statement shows it as having been taken. The card provider should be able to examine the status of the charge in more detail, and it might turn out to be a partial failure, where the charge gets authorised, but fails to go through - thus ending up in limbo.


Dormant account
Oct 30, 2005
Thank you for your input, If this had not happened before on more than one occasion, I would agree. However, I do not know which is worse, me still depositing or 777Dragon still having to deal with this problem. Their systems seem to be very glitchy as of late.