Casino Complaint not paying my winnings


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Mar 28, 2012
The Netherlands
Yesterday I had some huge winnings and did a withdrawal at
After uploading my ID I got the following message from Cassava Operations Team at 888 Casino: “this account is related to other accounts that have been closed by our Department for security reasons, we have temporarily suspended your membership at”

I realized I had closed an account at back in 2012 and asked them to re-open it in 2013, but I never complete the reactivation process at the time of my request. I did not realize 777 is the same as 888.

Because I was once self excluded at, can’t pay my winnings ( over 46K ) due to there policy, they only want to pay my deposits!

Is this just bad luck?


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Jan 20, 2004


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Apr 3, 2015
I had a similar thing with Cassava. I tried Wink Bingo (a Cassava site), didn't like it so closed the account. Several months pass and I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to re-open the account as the closure had lapsed - I didn't respond as bingo wasn't really my thing and didn't want to play there. Later, I opened a casino account (Secret Slots) with another 888 site, won, and tried to withdraw. Much the same as you had encountered, they forfeited the winnings citing the excuse I had excluded at another of their sites. The argument begins!

I e-mailed them on a regular basis and was forever passed around with standard responses rejecting my request for my withdrawal, namely my closed account at Wink Bingo was the problem. I asked them to re-open this account if that was the problem, to which I was told the account will not be re-opened due to their responsible gaming policy (I do not have a gambling issue, just didn't want a bingo account!!) and that the closure stands, despite them asking if I wanted it re-opened prior to my win!

Naturally unhappy with this, I e-mailed higher up the chain at 888/Cassava and kept a diarised register of what had been said/agreed. I did eventually get my winnings, but be prepared for a battle and ensure you are familiar with T&C's and that you haven't breached any.

Probably the best contacts to fight your case are:

but I also had contact with: