76,355x Dead or Alive 2 video!


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Jun 3, 2013
Dún Dealgan
Same as DOA for me, play it a few spins every session but I am already over this hype as most of us will never ever see a hit like this on DOA II.
It is for the lucky chosen ones, probably chances of 1 in millions to get a hit like this.
27x bet is the best I got on the sticky wild and multiplier bonus in about 60 bonus rounds and I picked this one all the time.

Best hit 81x on the first bonus option, 81x in already thousands of spins.

Hits like in above video are spectacular but in the same time tens of thousands of players are paying to fund winners like this.
And Netent? They will still have their nice little house edge. :)


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Oct 20, 2010
Must be nice to be one of the chosen but for most of us this game is dead.

My stats after 2145 spins, 72.06% biggest win 55.5x bet.

Not a big fan of netents 'one person wins it all' range of slots, others include doa1, turn your fortune, scudamore, spinsane.


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Dec 29, 2017
United kingdom
On last week received some wagering free spins from Guts. I never use anything like this but this time decided to give it a go.

Won a few pounds from the free spins and went to try DOA 2 at £0.09 a spin. After around 15-30 spins the bonus lands and pays over 2000x

On next day tried the game again but at a different casino. In the normal game, the game was paying out very often including frequent big wins and throwing out 3 scatters.

On eight bonus game, the slot paid out nearly 5000x at £0.18 per spin! Wish I played at a higher stake...

So, decided to try it again (last Saturday) but at £1.8 this time. The slot was completely "dead"! After playing 600 spins without the bonus I gave up.