750% May special at Vegas Regal please share your thoughts


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I logged into my account and found this:

Get a 750% bonus on your next deposit!
Minimum deposit: 25 Maximum bonus amount: 1500.
35x (deposit+bonus) playthrough
Bonus money is not withdrawable. The bonus will be deducted from your next withdrawal.
If your balance is less than the amount of the bonus you will not be able to withdraw.
A maximum cashout of 3 times the bonus applies. Any funds over the maximum cashable amount will be removed automatically on cashout.

Is this a good or a bad bonus?

Thanks for answering


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This could have been a good bonus if the comps racked up were calculated at 3x for slots as with most Rival casinos.


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$50 deposit would give you $425 balance.
The wager requirement would be $14,875

After wagering this balance would need to show more than $425 to make profit.

If you played slots at 50c spin you would need to play 29,750 spins to meet the WR.
To get the spin count down to a more realistic 2000 spins you would need to wager around $7.50 a spin but that would give you only 56 spins from your starting balance.

So basically to have any chance of cashing out you need to wager high and get very lucky very quickly.
Even if the slots were 99.9% return (laughable) you still would not turn a profit after WR.
This bonus has very negative expectation value.
If you want to play a long time for entertainment with vitually no chance of winning then no worries.

ChuChu makes a valid point though.


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damn - i dont think they will see me taking this bonus =) But if someone does, please let me know how it went =)


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Totally agree with Rusty.

On the whole, this seems a fair bonus, with no extreme WR and the rest.

But the chances of anyone winning are minor. They will appeal to those who want to increase their starting bankroll, but no matter how little, or how much, people deposit, they are just going to slowly see this balance fade away - or possibly quickly if they are spinning at high stakes.

Hence why I always stick to the regular monthly matches. Usually 100% cashable. They may not be high % matches, but I know I have a good chance of seeing my deposit again.

With these, you may as well throw it away. You'll get good playtime, but is it worth $50 or whatever to do more or less the same thing as you could do in fun mode, albeit paying for the privilege?


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i played a promo there which i was almost as big and am still waiting to be paid. The bad part for me was having to watch my balance stand at around 15k knowing i could only withdraw 2k.


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onemoorebaby i played a promo there which i was almost as big and am still waiting to be paid. The bad part for me was having to watch my balance stand at around 15k knowing i could only withdraw 2k.
I do not understand why anyone would deposit so much and use a bonus? Why not just deposit what you would willing to play and then add your own bonus on it and play? Then you would have no wagering limits whatsoever if a good hit comes along and you have a good bankroll to get started and that 15K would be all yours anyway??

Just wondering. In my mind you just gave up $13,000 for the bonus you can't even withdraw. I am not knocking you, just never understood the ratonality behind this.



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i understand what you are saying. Bonuses like this are my weakness. Deposit 100 and play with 500 etc gives me much amusement time. I should of learnt the first time at the same casino i got up to 25k and could only take out 975

It also gives me a chance to high roll a little but the more i think about it the less sense it makes lol


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Look i have this bonus too in my cashier, but this bonus is for people that download the rival from special banner from another online forum.


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One other thing I forgot to mention. Please correct me if I am wrong. You are allowed to play table games although they only count either 1/4 or 1/10 towards WRs. So even if you finish with a balance below the bonus amount you can have a go at BJ, Baccarat or Paigow and you might have a 50:50 chance of cashing out something.


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I really do not like bonuses (other than free chips of course) that limit the amount you can win.

Even without a max cashout, this bonus is not very player friendly. With one, it is down right a money grab.