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Mar 7, 2003
Bite, ME
Has anyone had any experience with 747 Casino?

I signed up as a real player, they have a $30.00 Free promotion going on for first time players. Web site says, within 2 hours the promotional monies will be credited to you. It's been only 6 hours since I opened the account. BUT, I have sent 4 e-mails to them, Support and Banking using the link on their web site to do this, each e-mail has been returned to me as Undeliverable.

Do I really want to deposit with a casino where you can not contact them by email, and probably not by phone, for I couldn't find one phone number on their web site to contact them with, Hmmm?? I think not !!

May have been mail server down, not sure.

Anyway, anyone play there??
Didn't pay me on the promo. Played my $30 freebie
through required number of times.

Cashed in & they just reversed it. Do I want to trust a Casino who won't even pay $40 out?
I finally got a reply to my email I sent to 747, they said they haven't received my $30.00 Free promo request. To try it again on their Bonus Hotline, original request was through the Bonus Hotline, but I tried twice again, tells me I've already claimed it, sent email telling them this, they said to try it on the web page where you can claim it, I have already done that, same thing, 'already claimed it'.

If I get the promo, fine, I'll play it through, but as for making a deposit with them, don't think so!

If they are doing this right up front, I don't trust them.

You know, it is a great shame that so many online casino's are being run by such greedy, lying people. Do they not realize that being this way will only hurt them as they lose player after player? Stay honest, pay winnings that meet the rules and stay in business doing so. More players equal more money, knock knock, can they not understand this?
Hi Jinnia...

I tried them about 2 months ago, and I had the same problem you are having with that "Bonus Hotline". It took me 4 days to get the bonus credited.

The games did seem to "play fair", and I did get a lot of "playthrough" for the $30.

I think that "Bonus Hotline" needs some work on it. It's a hassle to try to use it.
Hi mrracetrack,

Get this.. I'll copy/paste::

Dear Deborah

The 747Casino Customer Service Team has received your query in relation to your promotion claim.

Thank you for sending us those snapshots.Please
be advised that due to the casino`s timezone(GMT) that differs from that of yours,the first submittal of your claim is probably still pending.

Would you mind if I ask you to check your account again after a couple of hours, and notify us weather that claim has been placed into your account,or not.

I do apologize for the inconvenience caused,but we will have this matter resolved.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again by email should you have any further queries.

If you have any feedback regarding the operations of 747Casino please do not hesitate to raise these with us by sending an email to "support@747Casino.com".

Best regards

Oh gee, read the top part that mentions the time zone, isn't two hours - two hours all over the world? Do clocks run at different speeds depending on where you live?

They sent the email at 7:40 pm, 25 more minutes will be 5 hours since they sent it and I just checked, the promo still has not been credited to my account.

One more email informing them of this, and I'm taking them out of my system.

A question for you mrracetrack:: does your handle reflect upon what you do?}
I gave a minimum deposit to 747 and cashed out on $150---$20 immediately appeared in my Neteller and the balance is coming(they say) by cheque. Having had little problem first time I submitted a second small deposit based on their offered bonus---have heard nothing since. E-mails so far asking about bonus have been ignored. Hope my $150 dollat MASSIVE withdrawal hasn't bust them!!
I received the $30.00 promo about 45 minutes ago. I like the slot machines, but almost fell asleep with that background music, I guess it's to keep you relaxed while you lose :boring: . It is a nice casino, in my opinion. But until I hear a few, several players post good reviews with their payouts, I'll not be depositing with them. Been :xxx too many times already with online casino's.

Grandad, I hope you get paid, and soon.
This casino sucks! They ignore e-mails...there,s no phone number... they claim to put the bonus in the account within 2 hours... they don,t do anything right. I tried them too..and had the same problems. Don,t they realize that a bad reputation spreads like wildfire on the internet. I,m staying away from this one.
I'm still waiting for my $130 cheque (but it wasn't promised as an immediate delivery.
I did receive a respone to my e-mail about a second bonus to my follow-up minimum deposit--and I have received the second bonus ($60 for $20 deposited=$80) Playing blackjack that is currently up to $200 (blackjack appears to play very fairly). BUT will I get paid---watch this space!!!
By the way for frustrated e-mailers---ignore their locations---try e-mailing from your own page---that's how I got a reply. I think their whole bonus hotline section is technically dodgy.

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