7 things you must know about safe online poker


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Today I find an article about "7 things you must know about safe online poker"
What do you think?
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I think you are the weakest link. Goodbye.
Damn you!
Now instead of thinking of you as a Blue Muppet, I will think of you as a Ginger Bitch! :D

(I actually went to London and did an audition to get on that show about 3-years ago - but didn't make it... too clever, obviously! :p)

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What were his 7 rules for safe poker?

My 5 Are:

1. Make sure theres enough electric in the meter
2. Check theres enough beer in the fridge.
3. Make sure the missus is out for the evening.
4. Check my mouse is charged (This has cost me a $120 pot in the past AND a new mouse-see point 5)
5. Move any objects from arms reach, to avoid launching them at the screen when you get rivered by a 2 outer.