7 sultans poker withdrawal problem


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Jun 23, 2004
Found the place that can be complaints at last,thank you casinomeister first.

About was one week ago,I have cleared up my computer(uninstall somthing not needed ),i found there are $10 free chips in my 7 sultans poker account.So i played 3 days.Perhaps I am lucky, I have won 120 dollars.i withdrawal $120 after met the wager reg.

after a day,i recieved an email from 7 sultans
Hi xxx

We regret to inform you that your 7 Sultans Poker Room account has been locked
due to suspicious activities taking place on your account. We will not be
reconsidering the status of the account as this decision was made after a
thorough investigation on this account.

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions any attempted cash-ins on this
account will not be processed and balances from winnings will be removed.


7 Sultans Poker Room Player Security

what's means?i can not win??why?i don't know what is "suspicious activities"?
In other words,if i lost all,it is not suspicious activities?

why do not lock my account on first day, second day,third day,but just make a withdrawal?

Ok,my account is p7xxxxxx,If there are staff of 7 sultans poker here, please answer!
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Friendly word of caution - you need to edit and delete that account number NOW.

PM Fortune Lounge or email vipops and he'll sort the hassle out for you.
Yep, get that account number out of your post quickly. There's somebody from the Fortune Lounge group (which owns Seven Sultans) monitoring this forum so they will certainly approach you on this one and maybe Casinomeister will, too, or you can send a message to either one. But that account number should be for their eyes only, not for the world to see.
headbefore: Please do not ever post any personal details such as account numbers on any forum.

Your account was locked after you entered completely different adress details in your Preferred Method of Payment when you cashed in to the details entered when you created your account 4 days before.

Your account will be unlocked and the cash-in will be processed when you send us the verification documents.

Again, we have posted an escalation e-mail address on all our websites (including poker) for any unresolved issues and I urge anyone with issues that need further attention to use it.

VP Operations
Fortune Lounge
thank you,fortunelounge

when i request a cash in,it always show error.(i do not know why).I have change 4 times then successful.

now,i have sent my documents and waiting the account unlock

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