7.1m Euros Hall of Gods jackpot won


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Oct 10, 2012
Casumo press release just confirmed this has dropped - got to be a record surely for that Jackpot.

Remarkably, it was yet again another brand new member who had “only just signed up.” Who’d have thought it...
It's quite apparent what actually transpired here. Some hapless player mistakenly opened the Casumo email based on the Minions picture and promise of 200 spins on Starburst - no doubt in part thanks to Casumo's stellar affiliate employees.

Thinking they were in fact watching the movie for free, they scrambled around frantically whilst also having to contend with the bleeps of Candy Crush running in the background.

Then, as if by magic, and only on their 6th spin on minimum bet they hit the big one!!!

You couldn't make it up
I have been wondering how these miracles happen. The progressive jackpot has been won at least 4 or 5 times at Casumo while I am not aware any at sites like Videoslots, Redbet, MrGreen or other sites.
Is it that every Swedish player must play jackpot games every day at Casumo or they would be the laughingstock in the neighborhood?:laugh:
Lol, seriously, why it is always 'JUST SIGNED UP NEWBIE'. Come on, of course I'm just kidding, but it's like you know... ' HEY WORLD, here is how you can get 7KK - join casino and play jackpot slot'. While A LOT, really a LOT of players who gamble for years, can see 'congratulations, you won 0 coins' :D

I'm not tin-foil wearer, but it is just always make me smile - why all the time they all newbies?
Probably coerced into saying they had just signed up, to encourage others to do so [player acquisition most important]. There's just no way in Hell all these jackpot winners are newbies to the game, I'm calling absolute bull shit.

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