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Sep 1, 2018
United Kingdom
Well the English just took a digging from the Welsh after a great first half IMHO which was unexpected going by Englands last 2 matches unfortunately the fans and the press yet again hyping them up.

That's Ireland back in the running again final match for us Against the Welsh on Paddys weekend (it's gonna be messy lol) if we still have sexton cos no doubt the French will give him a hammering.
Personally, I disagree. I think we've got too much to do, given the bonus points situation.
England are already two bonus points up on both us and the Welsh.
And England finish with two games at home against the two weakest teams in the competition (Scotland and Italy).
England will almost certainly 1. win both games comfortably and 2. earn a bonus point from at least one of them, if not both.

If they get two wins and two bonus points, we can't match them, even if we get three wins and three bonus points. The same applies to the Welsh.
And if I'm being honest, I don't think the Wales v Ireland game will see the winning team getting a bonus point anyway.

So at best, I think we're playing for second place, which means playing the role of spoiler for a Welsh Grand Slam.
If Wales get to the St. Paddy's Day showdown knowing a win gives them the Slam, I just don't see them screwing it up.
We would have to blow them off the pitch in the first half, because the Welsh have been money in the second half.

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