5dimes doesn't pay be aware!!


Dormant account
May 19, 2003
5dimes.com insist not to pay claiming that the account must be active 30 days although in the registartion he stated that active 30 days means no cash in for 30 days of the deposit only winnings and not play every day

i fullfiled the wagering and the bonus was removed

look is the first chat of a new player and in the second chat when it comes to paying

Dear Customer,

I have attached bellow a copy of our conversation as you requested.

Please feel free to email me back if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Customer Service

Priscilla: Good Morning. How may I assist you?
Visitor: If I open an account and recieve a bonus, what are the requirements for me to earn the bonus ?
Priscilla: you must wager 5 times the amount of your deposit and keep your account funded for 30 prior requesting a withdrawal
Visitor: ok
Visitor: and then I can withdraw
Priscilla: yes
Visitor: Can I have a copy of this chat sent to my email address
Visitor: Can I have a copy of this sent to my email
Priscilla: the bonus will be added on a separate balance and it ONLY for you to wager

second chat

You are now chatting with 'Nicole'
you: hello, i sent to emails which should have been responded by the manager as promised regarding the bonus which was removed with no reason, 1737265ss, i am impatience regarding this isssue and i want an answer now for me to consider my steps, you removedx the bonus without sending and email nothing removed it asnd go on if i lost the money it was all yours if i win you make games
Nicole: Good Morning. How may I assist you?
you: i want the money now
Nicole: Well you are speaking to the manager.
Nicole: Sorry for the delay in responding to your emails.
you: if not : casinomesiter (bryan bailey, julie sidwel gambling grumble and many more will take care about it
Nicole: Let me pull up your account.
Nicole: Ok, no need to threaten us.
Nicole: Give me a moment please
Nicole: Ok, first off the amount that we deducted from your account was $190 which is the amount that you earned in bonus play.
you: why was it removed ?
you: the money was in the account d+winnings 30 days
Nicole: We have several rules on our site to prevent bonus hunters.
you: you can't avdertise a bonus credit my account and then remove it it is not accpetable
you: a casino can not to credit a player a bonus before the wagering start
you: your bonus is inside after people risk their money and wager
Nicole: Bonuses earned after deposits and Sportsbook/Casino transfers are only valid if the amount deposited remains active in the account for 30 days. Winnings may be redeemed as desired.
Nicole: and the most important
Nicole: Closing an account after bonus funds are earned from blackjack play which only marginally exceed the required play for earning the bonus will result in an account being placed in the Unified Gaming negative database. Bonus-hunters are not welcome at 5Dimes Casino.
you: no prblem
you: you have to pay and then to ban me
Nicole: 5 Dimes is only interested in customers that wish to BET, not BONUS HUNT.
you: not to pay is not acceptable and i will explain why
Nicole: It is customers like yourself that have caused this industry to have to write all these rules to protect itself from those trying to earn a quick buck.
you: you are the one to write the terms and not i
you: you asked for the min wagering and not i
you: respect your own rules
Nicole: By enforcing all the rules posted on the site, we ensure the capability to pay the "TRUE" gamblers who win.
you: if u say 5 times then it is five times
you: how do u decide i am a bonus hunter ?
you: i registered at a new casino and i wish to see of u pay
you: you advertised a bonus in order to make me register i put trust in your casino and put my money inside for a month and wager the full amount
Nicole: You deposited $400 which is to receive the maximum bonus.
you: so what???
Nicole: One moment please
you: please understand that i saw your casino at the bet2gamble.com website
you: i advertise your casino and recommended it in forums in israel
you: and i know that many other players registered at your casino from my country
Nicole: Yes, and please do us the favor of informing bet2gamble and your Israeli forums that you attempted a classic example of bonus hunting.
you: what u have done to me is unfair
Nicole: Let them know that further attempts meeting the same criteria will be treated in the same manner.
Nicole: If you read the rules
you: i am not a bonus hunter
you: you can't say it without any proofs i am a new customer just want to see if u pay that is the bonus for
you: to attaract new players to improve their odds for them to know that the casino does pay
you: how do u want me to deposit more and play more if i don't know your casino yet
you: ok so return the deposit back to all the players who lost
Nicole: Then explain to me why you deposited the amount to receive the max. bonus possible. Played ONLY $2058 in black jack (Closing an account after bonus funds are earned from blackjack play which only marginally exceed the required play for earning the bonus will result in an account being placed in the Unified Gaming negative database.)
you: what about the case i lost
you: do u agree that i had to pay u in full in this case
you: no excuses
Nicole: We say in our rules that your account must remain ACTIVE
Nicole: for 30 days
Nicole: You are a bonus hunter for obvious reasons.
Nicole: You deposit $400 on 03/31.
Nicole: played until you were slightly over the goal.
Nicole: Earned the bonuses.
you: i understood the money should be in the account
Nicole: Stopped playing until the 30 days passed
you: why didn't u send an email ask me to play more
Nicole: Then decide to take out all your money.
you: someone can understand the rules different
Nicole: Sorry.
you: there are players who don't wager enough and it happened to me at many casino
Nicole: Well then that someone must contact us to clarify the rules
Nicole: There is nothing left to discurss there.
Nicole: I guess we agree to disagree.
you: what happened is that the casino sent an email or reverse the money back to the account but after bonus was credited and no obvious abuse no removing
Nicole: Have a nice night and be sure to spread the word to all the other bonus hunter friends of yours.
you: i wish to receive a transcript of this chat to my email may i
Nicole: Sure not a problem
Nicole: I will do that in the next 15 minutes.
Nicole: Thank you for chatting. Good-bye.
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

This is ridicolous. The full first chat session is posted at theRx.com and WOL.

sabanzoo has cut out the part where he/she is told to be active for 30 days. Would you mind telling why sabanzoo?
i didn't read the whole chat that was the reason my mistake and i responed to the same inqury in the bet2gamble.com forum that was a pure mistake thanks for letting me know

but as i stated at the bet2gamble.com forum it is the context to determine, if i ask you what are the limitation to cashin and you tell me "your aaccount must be funded 30 days " and then before we say goodbye you tell me "shlomo , don't forget to live your account active for 30 days " what would you understand, i understood that i have to remember not to cashin my deposit for 30 days that why i think 5dimes decision is not acceptible. please understand that 5dimes knows about his vague terms and didn't send an email ask me to play more days he just remove the bonus without a notice claiming i am a bonus hunter

when you loose you are welcome
when you win you are a bonus hunter

didn't you have experience in the past that your cash in was reverse because you didn't complete all the terms ? i am almost sure you had, to reverse a cash in is acceptible to remove the bonus is not acceptible in this case of vague terms

moreover, why do you think 5 dimes didn't clrify the terms to explain what actiev means ?

the answer is clear and obvious : to use this escuse for not honoring cash ins of winners who didn't play 30 days!!, it is rediculus to play 30 days? i don't understand them and YOU ALL SHOULD AVOID THIS CASINO AND SPORTBOOK AT ALL COSTS!!
At the end of the day shlomo, the poster at the various message boards obviously wanted to hide that he was told to be active 30 days, and he must have had his reasons.... and please stop posting this bullshit on every message board you come around.

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