$5000 Freeroll at Poker333!


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Mar 4, 2004
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$5,000 Freeroll at Poker333!

Is a $5,000 Freeroll appropriate to celebrate the Poker Managers Birthday? Well that is what is on the table on the 27th of February 2005 at 12:00 EST. This tournament is open to all Poker333 players who have a Real account. Registration will start on the 25th of February. Hope to see you there; this one certainly is worth it! :thumbsup:
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PLEASE NOTE. After a couple of requests we have decided to move the $5,000 Freeroll to a Saturday. So the new date for this Freeroll will be on the 12th of March 2005 at 15:00 EST. This will be the final change with regards to the date and time.
Hi everybody

I would like to let you know that registration is open now. There is only a limited amounts of seats available, so if you want to play please register now! We will be sending out a newsletter later today and I suspect that if you don't register now, chances are you will not be able register at all!

OK Chatmaster, where are you hiding THIS tourney!!

You say registration opened this-morning, but you'll never guess how un-surprised I was to find it NOT listed!

PS: When I logged in just now, the software did a major upgrade. But you'll never guess what - it's still grabbing all my PC's resource and turning all other programs to useless crap. I hope Prima get their sh*t together soon...

Please tell me if I'm looking in the right menu - if not, where is it?
(I thoroughly searched through 'All' as well - no sign!)
KasinoKing said:
(I thoroughly searched through 'All' as well - no sign!)
I know you think I'm an idiot, but I'm not.
On your software on my PC under 'ALL' when I checked yesterday there were only 2 tourneys with a $5000 pot and both of them were buy-in ones, not freerolls.

I will continue to search for the 'Holy Grail' - maybe one day I will find it.... ;)

PS: Anyway, if it is a Freeroll tourney, WHY ISN'T it listed under FREEROLLS???? :confused:
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I think you should know by now that if I thought you were an idiot I would have said so CLEARLY. I actually have alot of respect for you! :D

Why I kept repeating this is that I have told this to you a couple of times in a number of threads! You have never acknowledge that you tried it anywhere! I know about this specific bug that I mentioned because it happened to me. Can you please sent me a screenshot with ALL selected so I can sent it to Prima?
Screenshot 1

Here you are then.
Screenshots taken a few minutes ago - about 18:15 GMT March-11th.
I selected 'All" then clicked on 'Buy-in' so that all the freerolls are at the top.

I have checked all the pages below this, and there are no more freerolls.
Your $5,000 freeroll and CasinoMeister specials simply are not there!

What do you think is going on???
A bit of a clue


I have a bit of a clue as to what's wrong with Prima's crap software!
I logged in to 333 this-morning & left it alone for 45 minutes to see if the missing tournaments would appear. They did not.
But then I clicked on some of the other header tags, and found they were all 'waiting for table details'

I left 7-Stud highlighted, logged out & in, then found I had table details for Omaha H/L, 7-Stud & 5-Stud, but nothing else!

Logged out on Hold'em tag - went back in & found this menu as well as the above 3.

Logged out on Sit & Go tag - back to find only S&G details and nothing else!

So there is obviously a problem downloading the table details on certain PC set-ups.
I figured this could be something to do with Firewall protection, so I turned mine off (I have Norton 2005 full package). Logged into 333 and guess what? Hey presto! ALL tables showing, including the infamous missing $5000 & CasinoMeister freerolls! ;)

So the software does work, but only without firewall protection. Maybe you'd like to feed this back to the Microgaming boffins and see if they can sort this glitch out.

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