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Jan 26, 2005
Just opened today, so I give them a chance. I deposit and get the bonus (100%) instant. SO I goto play Safecracker, it wont connect. I contact support, and talk to David, the shift manager. He doesnt know of the problem, then tells me that he was just told that the reasons the Progressives are loading is that "we just started, until we get deposits they wont open the progressive slots." WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ABOUT?

What happened to STARTUP MONEY? I then ask him to refund my money as this is crappy and unacceptable. He tells me that I can make a withdraw. I ask, How long will that take? 5-7 days to goto Neteller. I ask him why so long, (even though I know the excuse). He tells me " you would have to contact Neteller if you want it any faster" I ask him why I have to contact Neteller? No response, Then I tell him I play at 2 casinos that process withdraws instant...(one does, and the other pretty damn fast). Casino Extreme and Inet.....I am still waiting on him to respond to that. The only thing he has said was "One moment please" and "Still Checking"

Just a heads up..........Sorry, forgot that I havent touched any of my deposit. Havent played anything....

Well I just got done talking to David and he is hell bount that nothing can be done. lol He even asked if he could call me? My response was "why so you can tell me 50 more times that there is nothing that you can do, being the shift manager..."

I would PAB, but I dont want to waste Mr. Bs time on this. (unless he feels the need to tear up another casino) I will just BLOW through the money and chalk this up to another casino not to play at......BTW if you look at their website, there is a PROGRESSIVE TICKER going on it, when I asked him about this, of course NOOOOOO RESPONSE..........

Casinos are getting crappier and crappier...I told him to come here and respond or send the PR person over here.....Hope ya dont care I invited them.. :D
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Glad I don't bother with Playtech anymore. Did along time ago. But haven't in a long time and after reading all these bad stories I will stay far away. :thumbsup:

Later Tdoggy :eek:
Why would it matter if they got deposits or not before offering the progressive games? They wouldn't be the one paying a jackpot out. Seems backwards to me.
Isn't this the same group as Swiss Casino, which just paid out, ironically, the largest ever progressive jackpot?

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