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Nov 11, 2005
I was just curious if anyone has ever hit the 5 wilds on....ladies night..thunderstruck....any MG game? It always seems so close to hitting 5 of them. I look in the winner screen shots and I don't recall ever seeing a 5 wild win before. Anyways...I was just curious to see if any of you guys have hit it before. Have a good weekend!

Hi ...I got 5 scatters [ wilds] on Thunderstruck twice within weeks of each other about a year and a half ago . Once was 5 rams on a regular spin and the second time was the rams on the bonus round. Wish I could get them again . Good luck :)
I think mechell meant wilds (Thors), not the scatter rams.

As much as I play all those games, I don't even think i've hit 4 wilds, much less 5.
Thanks for the replies...yes I was talking about the wilds not scatters. But come to think of it I have never hit the 5 rams..or men on ladies night. I do pretty well on both of the thunderstruck and ladies night...but never 4 or more wilds...especially not 5. I have played these games for a while now... And never really hit anything like that. And I just got to wondering if anyone else has ever hit them. I guess it just really does come down to luck! :)
There's two screenshots of 5-wilds on Spring Break in the Winner's Screenshots thread.. and I have seen a screenshot of 5-Thors once on another site, but I don't recall where it was. I've gotten 4-wilds on the bonus spins on all of the 5-reel, 9-line slots at least once.. and on Mermaid's Millions and Tomb Raider. (15-liners) I've yet to see 5-scatters come in on the bonus spins. I'm still waiting for that one.
i hit 5 wilds on jungle jim about 3 or 4 months ago, didnt pay all that well cuz i was betting real low, i have seen someone a while back hit 5 wilds on thuderstruck, and seems like everyone gets close to getting 5 wilds on ladies night
5 wilds

The closest i have ever got is 4 wilds on spring break. I have got that a few times with either the truck or the raft guy. That still paid well, maybe one of these days i will hit them all.

hey guys...wow some of you are lucky! :D Like I said I am always so close but never hit. I said earlier I didn't hit 5 rams on thor...but I think I did a long time ago. But I was betting 9 cents! lol So yeah it wasn't very much. Thanks for the replies! Have a good day!

realwtfsup said:
This is somewhere in the winners sceenshot section. Her it is again since people missed :)

Thanks for posting this again (i guess you don't mind doing so at all :lolup:) as i had not seen it before. This image is my dream, as is the win. This week during free spins i got 5 Thors. Alas they weren't on a payline. I started to hyperventilate so much that i forgot to quickly make a screenshot of it to post in "Screenshots that Suck" thread. Well, it's dreams like this that keep me plugging along with the slots:)
real-thanks so much for your screen shot. That was awesome...especially on a 2.25 cent bet.

I wonder also if anyone has ever hit all of the wilds in a bonus round!

nice dream~betting 4.50 and then hit all the wilds in the bonus round on thor or ladies night. I will keep dreaming! lol :)

Thanks again for the replies!

hi to you let you know i had same opinion has anyone ever hit the wilds on mg, i have played daily for over a year and no luck whatsoever but this weekend i luckily hit 5 wilds on cashville thanks to spin palace! you can check it out on one of the last pages on winning screenshots. So i would have to say it does come out but, i just spun crap for over a year! LOL Good luck
5 Cleo's

I haven't done it online, but back in November at the Tulalip Casino in Washington State I hit 5 Cleo's for a top payout. The only downside was that because the machine had been so cold, I was only playing 20 lines at a penny a piece.

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