4th April: Intertops NEW Affiliate Software online!


Affiliate Manager for Accredited Casinos
Jul 27, 2009
We are happy to inform you about the roll out of the NEW Intertops Affiliate Platform on 4th April 2017!

As mentioned in previous communication, you will be asked to reset your password, when you log into your affiliate account in the new system for the first time.

Therefore please make sure now that the e-mail address in your current Intertops affiliate account is correct, if you have not done yet!

Please take a moment to follow the necessary steps below:

- Log into your Intertops affiliate account:
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- Go to “My Account”, and update your details under “Account Details” and check your e-mail address.

- To receive commission, go to “Affiliate Payment Preferences” and make sure your correct Intertops player account user name is shown under “Player Account Details” – “Account Name”.

- Also log into your Intertops player account to update details, if necessary:
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Screenshots for this procedure to be found here:
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We cannot promise that you will find all historical data in the new system. Therefore please download all data from the past before 4th of April.

If you require any further information or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at affiliate@intertops.eu.

Best regards,
Your Intertops Affiliate Team


Dormant account
May 10, 2016
I dislike the fact that this new affiliate software no longer shows us player level data. We sign up players sometimes after conversing with the on Skype, email, forums, social media, etc. We can no longer track whether these players signed up with us or not becuse all play level data is now hidden. We can't tell if one of our big poker players or sports bettors stopped playing because all we see is aggregate data!

This is important information for us because in cases where we've personally signed up players, we can reach out to the and see what has caused them to stop playing. We can attempt to reactivate the players. However, after this upgrade, these things are no longer possible without player-level data.

Do you intend to implement player level data in the Intertops Affiliate back-end?