49ers Fax Back form


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Mar 25, 2006
Has everyone here had to provide them with a fax back form?
They are refusing my deposits because I have not sent it to them.
I provided them with a FAX back form immediately after I deposited. Since I used my debit card I sent them copies of the front and back of the card and address verification and copy of my drivers license.

Their fax back form can be found Old / Expired Link. What I like about their form is you can fill it out online then print it, sign it, scan it and email it back with the required docs. I keep a zip file of my docs so I can just copy them into another zip file along with the forms if necessary.
Well, yeah, it is better and it is the way casino's SHOULD do it - refuse deposits until fax back form has been sent and approved. It would solve soooo many issues. However, I deposited there and make a sizeable withdrawl about a month ago without any forms of ID at all exchanging hands. Perhaps it's how you deposit? Or just a new thing.

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