4 years ago today

I won the Pokerstars sit n go leaderboard. Not only am I a slotmaster, I am also a pokermaster. :)

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Ah...I've just got back into Poker after a few years. Actually playing the Big $1.10 right now. I quit when I got a miserable bad beat...and it always felt like the cards would always fall and favour the Big stacks (And still does) :(

I was all in after flopping a straight and also had a straight flush draw. After the turn I was called down by 2 others and one was nowhere near the pot with pocket QQ and the other guy had pocket 5's with a 5 on the flop. He rivered a 5 and I punched my face. Bad Times.

I miss those Battle of the Planets. That's what they were called isn't it?

Anyway, my name here is what my first ever alias on Stars was. I was going for Chipking but it was taken and I had to improvise with the 9 :p

My best ever win was taking 1st in an Omaha Hi/Lo tourney with 700 and something players for €200 odd. Good times :D

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