New Slot Announcement 4 Secret Pyramids by 4ThePlayer

The thing you're not seeing if you're playing this from the UK, is the feature buys, once you factor those in, the design of the rest of the slot makes more sense.

I gave this a pretty long play session in demo mode, and if you're just grinding away at the base game, it's a fairly unedifying experience, even with the 'extra bonus' activated (which increases your stake by 25%). Feature frequency seems to be on the stingy side (including with the 'extra bonus' activated), and when you do land the feature, it can be very unimpressive.

However, if you're prepared to invest in a feature buy (and there are four to choose from!), you can lob up to 200x stake at a top-tier feature buy, which then takes you off to a pick-me pre-bonus round. The one you can see below is actually one of the better ones (you can hit the red X several levels before that), I've never managed to take it out to the top.

I've seen returns of less than 10x on a 200x feature buy, and it seems that if you don't manage to unlock the top couple of levels, the potential of the round is limited, so your 200x doesn't even buy you the 'best' feature, it just gives you a shot at it.

I know this is the way slots are going and there's no way to put this evil genie back in the bottle now, but in my experience where a slot has a feature buy, you have to ask as a player, why is that feature buy there? It's literally inviting the player to spend more money than they usually would to avoid having to, y'know, actually play the slot normally.

One thing I will say for this slot is 4ThePlayer have done a great job with the aesthetics, it looks and sounds great, it runs smoothly, the interface is clear, the rules are transparent and well written etc - I just wish they'd focus their energies on a lower volatility slot that has plenty going on to keep the player engaged, rather than falling back on the crutch of feature buys.

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Thank you for trying the game, great to read you like the aesthetics!

As we mentioned before on this thread this is a very volatile game, so if you naturally prefer less volatile games this game is not for you. Not every game is made for every player. It is important to align your volatility tastes with the games you play for your ultimate entertainment.

In terms of feature buys, we never balance a game for feature buys or 'make a game for feature buys'. All our games are balanced without buy features and we naturally feel and play the game to perfect it for everyday play. The BONUS UP mechanic in 4 Secret Pyramids is meant to be played as a journey, and the whole game is balanced around that journey. The Buy Feature is only added in the last stages of development.

You asked why the feature is there - the reason is that a lot of players enjoy it and asked us for it. If you look at our buy screen you can see you can lower the stake to a lot lower than the majority of the providers. A lot of players have told us they enjoy dropping the stake down and trying the bonus before landing it naturally to see the potential of the bonus. We appreciate you cannot do this in the UK but we like to cater for our players globally and under all regulations.

In terms of us making less volatile games, we never say never!
However, with a more volatile profile, it can accommodate bigger win potential as well as more innovation on the journey. We do have some less volatile ideas - if and when they get developed further we will update everyone here.

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