4 New Games on Micro added today


You type well loads
Oh Dear!

Every time they upgrade, one or more of my MG casinos gets broken!
Last month the Palace group got broken along with Jackpot Factory and Riverbelle. I am still struggling with All Slots, but have managed to fix All Jackpots. I have fixed all but UK Casino Club at Casino Action.
How about one month with NO new games, but an upgrade to fix all these long standing software problems that appear now to be due to a problematical upgrader plug-in.


RIP Brian
I believe the Trident and Jackpot Factory groups have them up, although Trident is not carrying the Wasabi San slot at present.


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The new Pollen Nation was really cute, especially the disco-bee scatter. I did pretty well on it. Wasabi-San on the other hand I had trouble hitting the bonus rounds.


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I am looking forward to them. I was drooling when we put up the descriptions last week.

I'll wait for 32red to get them, I have been on a winning streak there.


RIP Donna :(
wait no more dom

32 Red has them.....I played this am....pollen nation is cute...love the dancin scatters...lol

the Wasabi San hit better for me.....


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I just hit 10250 coins on the Pollen Nation bonus game, seems much better than the wasabi game which I think I lost 10251 coins on.:lolup:


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The Pollen game was being good to me - that always makes it more fun. First good spin was for the 5 lifeguards.
I just love the scatter bees too - the disco music is cute
I had 4 of the baBEEs and got a good pick on the honey comb
of course one other time - the first cell i picked was "STOP" so I guess it all evens out :)

The new International Games at 7 Sultans was doing pretty good too.
I didn't do so well with the wannabesushi game though.
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