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Apr 28, 2008
Now i finnaly have enough. Uninstaled all casinos that have more then 1 day cashout periods. I played at few playtech casinos and only bet356 and centrebet will stay. Last week had lucky streak and had few withdrawals. They all went through in less then 24 hours on my moneybookers acount. Most was rival casinos (mayan fortune in 4 hours after flushing) and looks they sorted payouts. Then got 400eur withdraw in tropez. Asked for flushing but they did not heard of this. So it was there and next day took 100 reversing. Then saw that is better to split 300left to 100 since every canceling make withdraw longer. And when you reversing, money goes quick, like casino is in diff mode. Anyway after 3 days i manage to blow all back. Now i had enough of this. Since that is 3rd time this is hapaned, it makes no sense. I can manage a day or 2, and maybe if, when asked, they can make withdraw impossible to cancel, then ok. But this is trick and i fall every time. Having talk with online help, what means that withdrawals are faster when your vip level is beter ( got at least 2 mails that my level is up and that means faster withdraw among other...) as it was 4 days before and is 4 days now but my level increased. They say that acounting need to verify and so on, but why is then 4 days reversable?!?
Hope, there are among you, who can resist 4 days procesing and 5-7 days to get money from them.


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Mar 26, 2008
I sympathize with you. It is very unpleasant when someone detains your money in communication by the not clear reasons.
You can try to play at Betvoyager Online casino.
They covers any commissions charged by the payment system if you add funds to gaming accounts.
Withdrawal of funds is processed automatically.


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Jan 30, 2007
Texas, USA
I have done the same thing. I have 3 casinos I play at, CW, Villento and Sloto'cash. CW and Sloto pay 24 hrs. max and Villento 48 hrs.

I am not a patient person. If I cashout out, I want my money. And so far, these 3 have not let me down. If and when they F up then they will be history. :D

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