3Dice.. What are u thinking????


I just knew it was all too good to be true.....

Last night I was having a good winning session when I discovered some weird things...

Like most I assume I dont make lots of withdrawls and the few I had made at 3dice were "Instant"....WOW.... Because of this I have been playin there quite a bit, I cashed out on wednesday and redeposited to play again last night. After hitting a couple of wins and nice run on the VP I went to cash out only to be told I'd used all my instant withdrawls. Ok so anyway I continue with the process and complete the withdrawl except now I can reverse it.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH $%$*&*"$ I hate this option more than anything!!!!!!! But ok, ill have to live with it. I go back to the casino with what I originally started with and carry on playing, hit a couple of nice wins playing slots and decide to withdraw again. I go through the process expecting to be able to reverse it etc, I never expected I'd be hit with a 2% withdrawl fee..WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Copy and pasted from www.3dice.com. It says Neteller withdraw instant? No mention of limits or charges being passed on to the player.

Withdrawal methods

NETELLER Instant International $, , €

Hmmmmmm 3Dice have we got you all wrong??

While I'm having a moan I have a few other gripes to mention.

Firstly, why does the cashier button have to flash when i'm nearly broke? I can see the balance perfectly clearly and really dont need a flashing reminder. The cashier button is also in a perfectly good and clear position.

Secondly, the graphics, which dont get me wrong are great but cant we save the 3d animations (Tutankahmon & Medieval Moolah) exclusively for 5 symbol wins instead of 3? The pig for example was funny at first but now its just boring and slows down the game.

Thirdly, the medieval moolah bonus game. 100% Predetermined?? While playing last night I completed a game and returned to the reels. At the same moment I returned to the reels I lost my internet and when I came back online I was taken back to the start of the game but instead of seeing a replay of the game I had just completed I was faced with a totally new layout and what appeared to be a new game except the outcome was exactly the same. Fairly standard stuff and no problem here but it would be great if you could add a "Skip the crap and just tell me what ive won button"

Also why some screens you can click past, some you can't. The end countdown screen for example has a "Click to Return" on it but when you click it nothing happens.


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Hi BubbleG,

Congratulations on your win ! Our automatic withdraw system is setup to make sure that as many as possible withdraws get executed automatically. Because of this, there is a daily and weekly limit per user, withdraws going over that amount are executed manually so that we can ensure that sufficient funds are available everywhere.

Similarly, only fees up to a certain amount per week are covered for automatic withdraws as repeat deposit-withdraw scenario's in a short time-frame benefit no-one but the processor. The fees applied when this limit is crossed are the exact fees the processor of your choice charges. (These terms are clearly mentioned in the cashier itself, and I will make sure that the website is updated to include all of the details.)

When a withdraw is not processed instantly, it is indeed reversible. This is a feature requested by players, and you can always contact support to have it disabled for your account. (for a specific withdraw - or permanently). A future update of our cashier will make this easily user configurable.

From your traces I see that you ended your session with a higher withdraw, that was processed without any fees, manually, within 3 hours after you requested the withdraw, and within 8 hours of your deposit.

I appreciate your frustration that this is not an instant withdraw, but I do hope you understand that these measures are required exactly to ensure a smooth operation of the instant withdrawal system.

As for your other feedback, we are continuously working on improving our platform and all user feedback is taken very serious. Many of the points you mention are valid and will be considered in future updates. (blinking cashier - better autoplay - ability to skip animations - ...).

On the side, I would like to mention that we have excellent support staff available 24/7, who are all very open to feedback, and could've potentially helped eliminate some of the frustrations you experienced. (disabled reverse - waived fees - ...). I do hope you consider taking that opportunity should you find yourself in a similar situation.

Kindest Regards,



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Do Neteller charge such high fees for ALL withdrawals from online casinos?

I have noticed that many casinos have given Neteller the proverbial "cold shoulder" recently. At one time Neteller was the bees knees, and casinos went out of their way to encourage Neteller deposits as opposed to other methods.
How does Moneybookers differ in terms of cost to the casino? I have seen casinos offer better terms for Moneybookers users over Neteller, but no explanation as to why. To me, both are the same beast, eWallets, and both seem to have the same degree of regulation in the EU.

Many players view making withdrawals each time they hit a decent win as responsible gambling, and the instant payment is a way to make it harder to lose it all back either by reversing it or leaving it visible in the balance. Re-depositing does defeat the object of this though, and perhaps the limitation should be placed here, to stop players who have recently withdrawn from depositing it back again within a certain timeframe (perhaps within the same day, as this might indicate a player MIGHT have got into a chasing mindset).

I have experienced NONE of this, I have yet to make my first withdrawal:mad: (Damn thieving medieval pigs:p )


Thanks for the response :thumbsup::thumbsup: I will email support to have the reversal option removed...

Yes as the first withdrawl was free i reveresed all the withdrawls and then made one big withdrawl with no fee... If I deposit play and win tonight though would I now be charged for a withdrawl?

Out of interest from your, the casino's point of view who is the best processor to use these days. I can appriciate that neteller fees are high, they charge us 3.9% for deposits already!!


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i sometimes like to cashout a portion of my balance so that i can only take a certain amount of money into a game. when i lose that, i like to go back to the cashier and reverse it so i can play another game.

my problem has been that sometimes when i get to the cashier, they already started working on it and i can't reverse it anymore, lol. sometimes they are too fast :lolup:


Just one more spin pleez!
Just when you think you've seen it all! Now players win and complain too!
Thank you for the wonderful chuckle...was thinking the same thing too..



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we would complain if we were hung with a new rope sheesh!


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Well Ive been on almost 2 hours spinning.............which means 2000+ spins at a rate of 18 spins a minute on a turbo setting, without a bonus round.
Can I complain?*&$%#&@**&%