3dice sitewide random


May 22, 2010
California de Norte
I was so excited to check the cashiers page that I only took one screen shot, and since the payline was blinking, I snapped when my screen name had blinked out... But check the lower pic, its me!!!!



I think 3dice can be a hard place to play... There are a number of games that have a very high variance, and I have had those depo, depo, depo, depo, stretches. But I have had them at the B & M's and at RTG's and MG's too. I love it there, the games are fun, the chat room is off the hook, and the payouts via ewallet are near instant. Literally the portion of this hit I sent to click2pay was in my click2pay in less than 10 minutes after I hit submit. I am trying not to get used to that, bc I can't hardly believe it. I hope this becomes the industry norm, but until then, "3dice, u get on with ur bad self! LOL!" The CSR's are kind and the management is generous. They serve the customer bc they understand that we are the reason their lights are on... At least for me, as a US citizen, I can't think of a better place to play.

BTW, I was pulling Old Glory on one coin for $5 bux a pull... 596.4x's my bet!
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