3dice question


Dormant account
Oct 2, 2008
I was wondering how they "decide" what level you are at in their comp-program. Is it depending on how much you deposit or is it how much you wager?

Meanwhile, for fun I did a count in the history and I have made 21 deposits of $50+ without a cashout. (if u dont count one at 50 bucks that I was able to win thanx to comppoints or a bonus, cant remember)
This is not only at 3dice though, my luck just seem to have gone missing somewhere along the way - maybe you stole it? *lol*
However, made a cashout at inetbet a while back - but that did take about 100 deposits *lol*

Now I am off to have a glass of whine - hope you all have a great weekend. Tomorrow I am off to the racetracks for some horse-action *lol*


Oct 9, 2006
Hi Marie,

I can't answer your 3Dice question but believe that this issue has been covered in several threads so you may want to do a search.

Now on to the racetrack. :) Swede's Dad just called here to ask us to pick two horses each for one of the side races tomorrow. This will be the first year that he is not in Sweden to follow the races from Gteborg.

I played the Dagens Dubbel 10-4 and Swede played 4-5.

For the big race he is playing Torvald Palema to win. We sure wish you great luck with the ponies and hope you enjoy your wine. :)