3Dice New Bonus program Poll! Participation need for Comparison to the last poll.

Have you referred players to 3Dice for thier referral bonus?

  • Yes, and I received my bonus without having to ask for it.

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  • Yes, but I had to ask for it and was told "it will only be a $2 (or $3, etc) bonus"

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Apr 11, 2007
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Hi Everyone.

I messed up... so this will be a two part/thread poll.. (simmo is not on at the moment) this part will entail JUST the referral bonus. The second part will entail all else!
I wanted to take a new poll to compare our other poll to months ago on 3Dice Bonus program. They now have a new "Bonus program" in effect.
I will compare this to the older one.
I am going to make a second post after this poll, to explain WHY I am so curious about this issue.
As some of know if not all of you) 3Dice Casino has implemented a "New Player Bonus/Rewards Program" about a month back. (this will result in some changes in the q/a sections)! (That will be part 2...!! Please participate!)

FYI... the last poll showed that for the referral program, not one player got their referral bonus without asking for it.
A whopping 43.75% of players did not even know there was a "weekly online surprise bonus" and only 3 players of the 32 who voted had been chosen for the "weekly online surprise bonus" :confused:

The more participation we have.. the more accurate the percentages will be!!
You can vote and be anonymous!!
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