3Dice - Impressions


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Sep 26, 2004
Well, I was finally to really download this casino after their recent upgrade. Okay, I only played with a free chip courtesy of Enzo but here are my impressions:

Slots - Extreme high variance. I tried squirrelpike, super Suits and Happy Valley and except for the former, it did take quite a lot of times before I got the free spins/feature but some did pay well. Something different from the usual MG slots and RTG but frankly I do like the Rival slots a bit more.

Table Games - Played Paigow Poker, Baccarat and BJ. Seemed to be the least streaky of all software bar possibly MG.

Chat Board - Excellent Interface with players. Saw a lot of our members/ex-members there. Lojo, Babs, SW, Lauram, Pinababy just to name a few. A big difference from the cold responses and retorts from live chat elsewhere. The staff there ie Ellen and Anna were both humorus and helpful. Enzo has a new adversary and that is my wife for keeping me out of my bed at 3am with his free chip:D

Withdrawal - Didnt really win much after playing around for some time and withdrew. Money was in my account in 5 seconds and that's not an overstatement. Even if the slots can kill me with their variance, I shall definitely be returning.

So 3Dice:thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Feb 18, 2008
You have to love this casino. I wish i could spend more time on there till my cable connection hits the upgrade seems if i chat to long poof im gone.
I know some say about not hitting its tough with their slots but geesh where isnt. I never had a withdraw from playtech casinos, at least at 3dice when you win you know your getting paid and fast also. If your low on funds those tourneys are great won many myself. Staff is up on what they need to know and learning all the time on how to assist us further and further right in live chat with us. Not like the others hit live chat wait and wait for a response.
Ill see you there this week good luck chuchu

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