3Dice FYI (not a complaint)


Zombicidal Maniac
I have been playing there for a few months and just figured this out, so I thought I would share as I may or may not be the only person who didnt realize this.

When I hit max bet I thought I was betting the maximum amount i.e. $5.00 on Aztec. I realized after seeing a screenie posted here of a higher bet than that, I had to manually keep hitting the coins per line button to get the true max bet which is $10.00. This goes for all the slot games. I contacted support and asked why my max bet was only half and they instructed me to go to the little little menu that looks like screws and select the #of coins per line there to set it.

So now I can bet the true max on the slots. Again just an FYI. I had to learn the hard way so I thought I would share this with everyone else.

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