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Sep 27, 2010
This is my first post (other than an introductory "hello") and I'm glad I'm able to share a positive experience. I can tell by reading numerous posts that the majority of this forum needs no convincing that 3Dice is a great casino. I'm just now getting back into the online gaming scene after playing for 6 months (I know, 6 months. I was hardcore! ;)) several years ago and then going on hiatus. I played at 3Dice back then and enjoyed their unique casino experience and the extremely easy and fast withdrawal process. I requested a small withdrawal through the mail and it was sent within days as a US Postal Service money order (easily cashable) attached to a congratulatory letter. I have recently re-downloaded their casino and have had a couple of questions that I directed to support. I have been very impressed by Ellen. I'm not sure if that is the name they give to all of their support team or if I have actually gotten the same Ellen every time when contacting support. She has always been very professional and polite. I'm always scared I'm asking questions that can be found on the website or in T&Cs that I may have overlooked but her attitude and willingness to help on any matter has been outstanding. Thanks for such a great experience 3Dice and thanks for such an exceptional forum Casinomeister! :thumbsup:


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Sep 17, 2009
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Agree completely

Everything you have said is spot on, and you can see why they won awards here at Casinomeister.

I have just become a depositing player and support was great when I had questions and a small hiccup. Ellen is only 1 of there support team, The ones I have seen and spoken to are Lance, Anna (was terrific sorting out some stuff, And Enzo, And no question was to much to ask and was handled very professionally.

I will be back with another deposit for sure, this time to cashout big!!! (We can all dream :p)


P.S Welcome to the forums!


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Jul 18, 2004
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I'm using the cash/check option now for withdrawals instead of sending it back to EWalletExpress. Takes about a couple days to receive but the fee ($5) beats the 10% that greedy EWalletExpress charges for withdrawals.:)

I was surprised that they actually send cash if requested. Since it's sent certified, no worries.:thumbsup: