3Dice, any good?


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Jun 6, 2013
RJVille UK
I do have an account at 3dice from years back. Thanks for the helpful reply, and the detail you went into! I have to say though it's exactly the lengthy process that I was hoping to avoid. I'm wasn't even sure if you are technically allowed to play at 3dice from the UK? Maybe I'm wrong on that front but I'd hate a big win to be held up for investigation etc.
I'm going to avoid bitcoin for as long as I can, which is a shame as I like 3dice's customer facing loyalty programme and if I played my normal gambling usage solely at their casino I'd be getting quite a good loyalty level given time.

Firstly you are welcome I always like to help where I can. I know it is not ideal. But it really is not much work involved in order to play at 3dice, as I said, you do not need to use a VPN if you just look for a broker in Main chat, so just login and say, Looking for a broker via PP, PM me, or just keep an eye on chat and see if anyone is advertising they can broker lol.

The UKGC can not stop any UK player from playing at a Curacao licensed casino. Only way that could happen is if they passed new legislation in Parliament that will basically ban players from playing at any casinos that does not have a UKGC license for example. But that will still not directly stop Unlicensed casinos still allowing UK players to play there. But it will eventually have an effect when people report a casino to the UKGC and they then fine them etc.

Then of course those casinos will basically and probably cease trading to UK players altogether. Which again would be sad too. I mean the way it is headed at the moment, the UKGC is slowly but surely ruining Gambling for UK players, it really does suck.

So can I ask are you gonna come back?

Anyway Good Luck and hope to see you back at 3dice soon :)

Happy Holidays :)
Award winning 3Dice is awesome - Best Customer Service awards, Best Casino Managers and more.


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Nov 7, 2012
I've been looking into this a little more, there are loads of wallets out there....do they vary wildly in fees? Do you recommend a particular wallet?
There is many, but i have only tried 1 so far (BRD).
It has worked fine and as long as you dont use Bitcoin its not much in fees.


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Oct 10, 2012
Has anyone used listed method “flexipin” as a deposit / withdrawal method? How’s it work for UK players

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