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Jul 22, 2006
Could not find this casino on Casinomeister either under accredited or rogue.
Are funds safe here?
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If you enjoy getting a run around and not getting paid I would suggest playing here...
Sign up at a meister accredited casino, those you will get paid by...
Just a personal opinion here.... having to wait a week to get paid is a big problem to me. Anything more more than a day, 2 at most, is too much. Takes seconds to take my money, but a week to give me what I've won? No thanks.
It was my fault

this was my very first casino and I accidently did predelay pay, otherwise I would of gotten paid sooner. Besides, as long as I get paid, I dont mind waiting, its better than losing or not getting paid.
You have far more patience than I do then babs.. lol... I suppose I would be happy if I got paid too.. I just wonder why for so many casino's it takes so darn long.
I just wonder why for so many casino's it takes so darn long.

Just as you want to get paid quickly, so do the casinos. Imagine they accepted personal cheques only and had to wait 5 days until your funds cleared.

On the other hand, e-wallets pretty much guarantee the casinos they'll get the money, less volatile than credit card chargebacks... but for them to pay to you, they want to make sure you haven't committed fraud / are trying to launder it, cheated, whatever. So they take their sweet time analyzing yor account, if warranted and pay up later rather than sooner.

By the way, jenn1381 what games do you prefer? I can't imagine you having the patience for $1 BJ hands..
I would be understanding if I deposited using a personal cheque.. But I use Neteller, absolutely always, so they already have their $$ and yet I am still waiting for my cashout. Patience is a virtue, right? *sighs* I suppose that when a cashout isn't quick I always expect that they're looking for any good reason not to pay me. Even though I only play at accredited sites. I still always fear the worst I suppose. I can maybe understand the first cashout being slow, as they check for multiple accounts, etc. After that tho, there's not much chance I can cheat playing slots.. lol

And you're right, I don't have the patience for BJ.. lol.... I mostly play slots, video poker, or tournement poker games. Even the poker games really put a strain on my patience when people take an hour to decide whether or not to call a $2 bet. lol.... Oh how I wish there was a 'patience store' so I could just go buy more :eek2:

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