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32Vegas - Be Cautious

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by umberto, Nov 7, 2006.

    Nov 7, 2006
  1. umberto

    umberto Dormant account

    I wanted to try them, so i searched the forum for previous posts. I read about a guy having problems with the terms and conditions about video poker. Before downloading the casino, I sent them an email informing them about what i read and if video poker is a valid game for the wagering requirements to be met. Their answers were pretty fast. In the first two emails, they didn't answer the question and after i insisted they wrote the video poker is valid. After this I registered an account and when I tried to log in for the first time I received a message that my account is locked. Here is their email after my inquiry regarding locking my account :

    First of all, they link they sent me does not work. Apparently.... After this they never told me which is "their related casino". And suddenly my last email asking their related casino and other questions has never been answered.

    I m pretty sure that they were afraid that i m a bonus whore :cool: .

    I would urge people to be very cautious with them.
  2. Nov 7, 2006
  3. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

  4. Nov 7, 2006
  5. umberto

    umberto Dormant account

    Grief?? No, a few minutes lost only.
    I guess you talk about 32Red vs 32vegas. I read this mate but it was not such a major reason for me not to try them out. So, I did the work alone and apparently we had the same results. :rolleyes:
  6. Nov 9, 2006
  7. mgibson99

    mgibson99 Dormant account

    Washington DC
    Hey Meister....unless I'm missing something, there are 5 possible places that a less than stellar casino could be noted (Rogue, Not Recommended, Bumblings, Cautions, Stupid Casino Tricks). I don't believe 32 Vegas is listed in any of these sections. Are you saying that just your mention of the name being similar to 32 Red, and the fact that support didn't know where the name came from, should be enough to keep people from playing there? If there haven't been any complaints about them, then that seems a bit harsh doesn't it?
  8. Nov 9, 2006
  9. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.

    Take some time and read these threads.



    and finally,


    The last includes this passage:
    So either they're part of Joyland (I can't remember if they are or not), or they're in bed with a rogue group.

    I think after you read those threads, you'll be a believer that 32vegas should be rogued.

    And nobody's word is good enough to keep people from playing there. It's up to the individual to do their part and do some research on a place BEFORE they play, look at their good & bad points, then decide.
  10. Nov 9, 2006
  11. mgibson99

    mgibson99 Dormant account

    Washington DC
    Fair enough. I'm not supporting this casino, and have never played there. My point is.....it would be much easier to spot a rogue casino if it is listed as such in the rougue section here on the CM site. I haven't done an exhaustive search through the forums (mainly because I don't ever intend to play at 32 Vegas, so I don't want to take the time), but if we avoided every casino because someone posted a generic warning that "you can't win there" (with no supporting evidence), or because someone had a problem with a bonus, then I suspect that there is not a single casino that would pass muster. I have seen many similar posts about these same issues on casinos which are generally regarded as very reputable (i.e. 32 Red, Bodog, etc).
  12. Nov 9, 2006
  13. babs7262

    babs7262 Banned User

    On Disability,p/t online slots reviewer

    I don't know......I played there for a week and got to w/d without any problems BUT....maybe things have changed since they banned US players. Maybe they need to make up for lost business now? Im not saying anything bad or good because like I said, Im not allowed to play there since the ban (even though I live in a legalized state)

    I enjoyed playing their games. I guess the meister knows what he's talking about and respect his research. This is just an observation because there wasnt any problems brought up until they lost US business
  14. Nov 9, 2006
  15. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.

    Yep....Maybe there should be pointers to those threads on the page that encourages people to stay away from 32Vegas..:)
  16. Feb 23, 2007
  17. thenmh

    thenmh Dormant account

    I just exprerienced a similar problem with 32vegas. Few days after I finished with the bonus of EuroGrand which belongs to the same group and received my cashouts wich were promptly paid after the 4 days reversible period. I decided to try 32vegas but my account was suspended immediately after I registered. Their first response to my email query was
    At this time I was suspecting that they suspended me just because I won with the bonus at Eurogrand, but I wanted to make sure so I sent them another email
    That was their reply:
    Wow lol, this is the first time I get banned from bonuses :oops: , eventhough I complied with all their T&Cs
  18. Feb 26, 2007
  19. happygobrokey

    happygobrokey Dormant account

    student of life
    this is standard from them. i played a weird sketchy bonus from 32v last year some time, was denied any further bonus after cashing $140 on a $20 deposit and $100 bonus (i only expected $5 bonus, as their first and second deposits had lame offers, but third deposit was a whopping 320%, so i planned to make two min deposits, then a max).

    and now months later they took me in at euro grand, i talked to cs and they said they would offer me a bonus, even told me it was "perfectly reasonable" to want to maximize on the better offers. but instead of their standard bonus that was similar to the one aforementioned, the live chat rep offered me 300 bonus on a 100 deposit. i was all over it. i ended up cashing 508 after a great run at low-stakes multi-hand vp (the best allowed game). and to put a cherry on it, i received my withdrawal in neteller this morning.

    of course, i did receive a bonus ban email immediately after requesting cashout (more than i can say for 32v who whenever i talked to cs told me to sit tight and i would get an offer soon via email), and for the past week or so my fingers were crossed hoping they wouldn't renege on my bonus i already cleared and verified with cs that all was good to go on.

    and interesting to see new york is affiliated with them to some degree as was stated here, as i tried to play there today and on my first login was greeted by the news that my account was permanently locked.

    so if you attempt to play at any of these sites, make sure you get a 300% or higher bonus the first time out because it won't last (maybe if you get the low % bonus offer as advertised on the site, deposit low amounts on the first two and deliberately bust them to avoid being banned before the good one), wait a long time before signing up to their sister sites, and above all use the live chat and make sure things are very clear since they tend to suggest random bonuses, heck you could probably even haggle them since they do it all manually.

    come to think of it my cs girl even amended the offer to deposit 110 for 350 bonus by the end of our chat without any insistance from me, just because she was taking so long to find the answers to all my questions. so try politeness, too, it might earn you a few more quid. i would go to eurogrand, they seem far more competent than 32v. happy gaming!

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