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32red's successors

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by CasinoForumu, May 21, 2006.

    May 21, 2006
  1. CasinoForumu

    CasinoForumu Dormant account

    Which casinos are 32red.com 's successors ??

    For me Spinpalace,inetbet,global-player and harrods.
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  2. May 21, 2006
  3. mikepipe

    mikepipe Dormant account

    still progressing
    for me its Inetbet and Trident.
    But The King Solomons Group is on a very good way to improve their CS, and i do like gaming Club (bellerock) - never ad any problems with them, and they do payouts at the weekend (as you can expect from a top-casino)
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  4. May 21, 2006
  5. PackerBacker

    PackerBacker America the Beautiful

    Home Manager:)
    My fav have been Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune........though the jury is still out on Mummy's gold (all Palace casinos)
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  6. May 21, 2006
  7. Pinababy69

    Pinababy69 RIP Lisa

    Toronto, Ontario - Canada
    I think I know what you're trying to say CasinoForumU, but successor isn't the best word maybe? That sort of signifies that 32Red plans on giving up top spot to someone, lol. I don't think they plan on going anywhere, but up that is. :D

    But I get the drift, and yes there are other good casinos as well. I agree with the Palace Group, and with Trident Lounge....personally I would add Roxy Palace/Vegas Splendido in there just on their customer service alone.
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  8. May 21, 2006
  9. Let_It_Ride

    Let_It_Ride Quit Gambling


    phew thanks pina, when I read this post title i thought what! where is 32Red going, are they being taken over? it would be a very sad day if this happened.

    I've tried some of the casinos listed here and others and just when I thought the palace group were getting better they go and screw up my payments, so no I'm sticking with 32Red. Too many casinos are running more and more complex promotions and as a result are screwing up thier CS support response times!

    Last week when trying to reach management of a particular casino, I get an email from CS saying "we are unable to give out information about our management team" all I wanted was an email address or direct line number as after 5 days they'd still not replied to my problem, makes you appreciate Ed and Pat here.

    So no for now I don't think there another casino out there that can take no. 1 spot.
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  10. May 21, 2006
  11. johnsteed

    johnsteed Ueber Meister


    Many thoughts on this one...


    I'm not absolutely clear on your question "CasinoForumu," but my guess is that you mean who would be 32Red's successor (if there should ever be one) to those who regularly post here at Casinomeister.com. IOW, the majority of what seems to be the most favorite casino from opinions held by various forum members here.

    I'd have to say that within this site, that the Trident Group is just as famous as 32Red amongst MG casinos. And they can back it up as well. Roxy Palace, Spin Palace (although I'm not a fan), and at times the "Jackpot Factory Group" have held their own, being right there with the top dogs. If there's an MG casino that could make some giant leaps, there's one that comes to mind that has the potential to match 32Red in many regards, with a poker room, and even surpassing it by offering a sportsbook. That casino would have to be Ladbrokes.

    I though, would have to believe that if 32Red were to eventually be knocked-off it's perch at this site, it would probably come at the hands of another casino which uses different software. Funny thing is that I did some (useless) research (until today) some months ago concerning which casino's name came up most often under the category of "FAVORITE CASINO" in forum member's (who've made more than 50 posts) profiles, and this is what my results showed:

    32Red - 15

    InterCasino - 11

    iNetBet - 6

    Ladbrokes - 6

    William Hill - 5

    Trident (+ Neptune's) - 5

    Roxy Palace - 3

    And the rest...

    African Palace - 1
    AllJackpots - 2
    All Slots - 1
    BelleRock - 1
    Bet365 - 2
    Brandy Casino - 1
    BreakAway - 1
    Captain Cooks - 1
    Carnival Casino - 1
    Casino Extreme - 1
    Casino Fortune - 1
    Casino-On-Net - 1
    Casino US - 1
    Crocksford - 1
    Desert Dollar - 1
    Diamond Deal - 1
    DrHo888 - 1
    Gaming Club - 1
    Global Player - 2
    Golden Palace - 1
    Golden Riviera - 1
    Golden Tiger - 1
    Harrods - 2
    King Solomons - 2
    Lake Palace - 1
    Lasseters - 1
    Mapau - 1
    Phoenician - 2
    Piggs Peak - 1
    RiverBelle - 1
    Ruby Fortune - 1
    Sands of The Caribbean - 1
    Sci-Fi Casino - 1
    Stanley Group - 1
    Starluck - 2
    UKbetting - 1
    Vegas Joker Casino - 1
    Vegas7 - 2

    Taken from a host of 86 forum members, again, who've posted more than 50 times AND who've listed their favorite casinos. You'd be surprised by how few (%-wise) members work on their "profile". Of course, that's such a small sample size. Casinomeister.com has a membership of "6,875."

    If I'd have to guess about who'll be next in line, as I had stated ealier, it'll probably be someone that doesn't use MG software. I would have to think that InterCasino has a major following (probably the #2 here, and certainly the #1 at many other sites), so they'll always be right there with 32Red. What separates 32Red from the next best MG casino here at this site, could probably also be said for what distances InterCasino from the #2 Cryptologic casino (which would most likely fall to William Hill). I don't see either casino losing too much ground under their respective (software provider's) umbrella, specifically here at this forum.

    For InterCasino to make any ground on 32Red, it'll probably come down to who can come up with the better games (new concepts). I think Cryptologic has been impressively addressing that very thing in '06. I also think that 32Red is far ahead, in terms of great CS, although, there are many understated pluses on the InterCasino front as well.

    It's obvious that iNetBet is the heavy favorite amongst RTG outfits, I can only imagine that as long as BoDog doesn't become too much like Golden Palace (too radical with their advertisement campaign... which puts people off), BoDog could eventually knock it (iNetBet) off it's throne here at Casinomeister.com.

    Although Bet365 will probably not rank amongst the Top-3 at this forum anytime soon, I think that their new instant (REAL instant) withdrawals will only help make up some of the gap. This group offers everything (poker/sportsbook/casino), but... this is a casino forum and I don't think that they do enough with their ongoing promotions. If they actually started focusing more on their casino's promotions (other than the sign-up bonus), I think they could potentially make HUGE strides. Very similar to Ladbrokes, but Ladbrokes gets the edge at the moment.

    Also, and this is a very important note as to why I mentioned Bet365, with oh-so-many PlayTechs sucking so bad with payments (and an assortment of everything else), Bet365 clearly stands head-and-shoulders above the rest of every other operation that uses the same software. I do happen to think that PlayTech software is pretty good, although those sentiments aren't exactly shared by everyone who posts here. So, again, while 32Red battles-it-out with the other great MG casinos, InterCasino has to thwart off all of the great Cryptologic outfits, iNetBet vs. BoDog, that leaves Bet365 against itself.

    *My apologies to the "Main Street Group", who I must admit, I've only had good experiences with. Great customer support BTW (A+).

    Stepping out of this forum's walls for a moment, "888.com" is most likely still the most universally known outfit, and even if it's becoming increasingly unpopular in various circles, I'd imagine that it's still miles ahead of the #2 guy/gal (whomever that may be).


    Last edited: May 21, 2006
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  12. May 21, 2006
  13. Simmo!

    Simmo! Moderator Staff Member

    Web Dev.
    From my perspective the simple difference between 32Red and the majority of other casinos is that treat each player as an individual.

    There are plenty of good casinos out there, a lot mentioned above, but for me they need to understand that each player is different and has different needs, rather than stick to a general way of doing things for everyone. 32Red are positioned ideally for this as they are a small independent. The bigger groups will always struggle to accommodate that.

    Therefore IMO, the only other casinos that could ever take the mantle are small independents who grasp that concept.
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  14. May 21, 2006
  15. Slotster!

    Slotster! I predict a riot. CAG

    al Hazard
    Location, Location!
    Spot on Simmo... I had a small query regarding a cashin this week (cashed in two identical amounts at the same time, only one arrived in my bank). I got an immediate (within minutes) response from a member of CS staff, followed by another CC'ing in the payments manager, followed by a response from the payments manager that explained the reason. It turned out the cashins were processed during different periods and, as a result due to UK banking regs, hit my bank on different days. Which they did.

    To learn this, and feel re-assured literally within minutes is phenomenal - and they deserve credit.

    In terms of people who are coming close, the first one that springs to mind is Roxy Palace. I signed up there on Simmo's recommendation and have been overall very impressed with the level of support. Add in the regular loyalty bonuses - and it's a great package.

    Spin Palace are doing some good things recently it seems, not least due to Darran's input here.

    Most, particularly the big big names, have got a LONG way to go before coming close!
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  16. May 21, 2006
  17. soflat

    soflat Senior Member

    My criteria for top casinos are: fast cashouts, good support, and good games, good incentives.

    Inetbet leads the list, scoring right up there with 32red.

    Will Hill's Euro Casino also scores highly (never needed to try their support though).

    Intercasino is good but misses the mark on their video poker paytables.

    I started playing Mansion this week and have been impressed with everything except their stingy paytables.
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  18. May 21, 2006
  19. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    My personal opinion on this is that Casinoforumu's only motivation for posting on this site is as a means of trying to promote his own website.
    Nothing wrong with that, but I tend to take anything he says with a piece of salt.

    I don't see 32Red being succeeded by anyone in the near future. They are probably the best MG casino in terms of customer service, but are certainly not the top of my favorites list! ;)
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  20. May 21, 2006
  21. CasinoForumu

    CasinoForumu Dormant account

    Thank you for your critics kasinoking.I wont explain that I opened this topic to learn trends and be prepared to future.

    I open this topic to promote my website.

    Thank you again.
  22. May 21, 2006
  23. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Dormant account

    my self
    Boy arent you just a grump:oops:
    32 Red is good but I do not play there that much because of lack of instacash.
    Roxy palace is a solid casinos, always through bonuses into my account which I dont complain about
    Inetbet with the managers bonus and the quick payouts is a good bet too.
    Thats it, pretty much the same as everyone else!
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  24. May 21, 2006
  25. tennis_balls

    tennis_balls Dormant account

    fish n chips promoter
    Albuquerque, NM
    i still say hahacasino will rule the earth as soon as they get it together
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  26. May 21, 2006
  27. Slotster!

    Slotster! I predict a riot. CAG

    al Hazard
    Location, Location!
    I just checked that out :eek2:

    Ha ha indeed! :lolup:
  28. May 21, 2006
  29. tennis_balls

    tennis_balls Dormant account

    fish n chips promoter
    Albuquerque, NM

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