Dormant account
Well they really are #1.....Not going to mention the name of the other micro. or what exactly it was because it was a small amount......but....I decided to make a deposit elsewhere, after getting some emails from a former Micro group i used to play a few yrs. ago faithfully. I haven''t played there for a couple of yrs. at least because when i do play now, i played 32Red....Anyways needless to say......the deposit came off my card, but never made it to my account......So i email and ask about it and they say 72 hrs.....till they'll check or whatever....that it may go back to my card....My card said dif...and gave me a number for them to search for it.....Now this might be the norm. but ask MrR...i'm not patient..LOL What ended up is it took from March 6 to the 13th......They checked then (on the 13th.) and found it.....In the meantime, i was just beat and told to wait till the time was up.

The point is, i didn't remember it happening before, but after talking it somebody it did, but at iNetBet....iNetBet found it with that same number the card company gave me in less than 24 hrs., overnight actually....awesome and i was happy. Now why couldn't this other place take the time, to look before the 72hrs. at least?... I'll tell ya, by the time the 13th. rolled around i was pissed.

I never had anything happen at 32Red, but when i did, it was taken care of right away...They really take care of their cust. no matter who they are and they are fast and nice about it. Pat for one is awesome for a lot of reasons....and they deserve to be #1. The experience with the other place just showed me to stick to 32Red for Micro...They are awesome, professional and just all around great. Some of these other places should take some pointers from 32Red....


I have this inner thought deep in my brain, that every MGS casino out there that goes under due to poor customer service/relations including the casino rewards group, will all one day be owned by 32Red, and every single casino of their group will sponsor an English/Welsh/Irish/Scottish football team lol, I really need to get out more don`t I ;).

But anyway`s, agree with your post 100%, hell when I withdraw there I sometimes feel guilty lol, now that is a strong sense of customer loyalty that they inspire ;).