32Red Vs. 3Dice


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Feb 14, 2007
Hi Gang,

Out of curiosity I decided to have a look at my WD Vs. Deposits / Bonus Offers and Service at both these brands. I have given both these Casinos a good shot. Both have excellent customer service and both have been the custodians of numerous CM awards.


3Dice initially gave me a sign up bonus but the actual match bonuses are reserved for Loyalty. The lower you are on the scale (Player to Platinum), the lower your match bonuses... the lowest match for the lowest level is about 15% on $5.... They have 100% matches but it takes a fair amount before you reach a decent level like Gold *** or Gold ***** to achieve those. There are good ND bonuses at those levels too.

32Red offered me the sign up Bonus at 100% and offer a bit more for Club Rouge Members. They have almost DAILY 100% match bonuses for normal players and club rouge members.

Both of them offered ND Chips when I hit a BAD Run, but it was always at 32Red where that ND really counted and I was able to make not one but several withdrawals. 3Dice were generous, but even with the ND's I received, I couldn't win for the life of me.


3Dice has excellent service. Good Reps and fast responses. One of the best CS teams in the industry. Ellen is their BEST Rep and a GEM.. Whilst I know Enzo and Anna are the Casino Managers at 3Dice, I honestly don't know much more than that.

32Red has excellent service too. Good reps and fast responses. One of the Best CS teams along with 3Dice. The thing that stands out with the 32Red team is that ALL their managers and CEO are accessible by the average Joe. At 32Red Ed Ware is a PM away, Pat Harrison, Mark and Steve are able to assist whenever needed. I have sent Mr. Ware PM's not knowing he was on leave and he even had the courtesy to respond to them. How often can you get to the VERY TOP of ANY Casino? I mean the CEO gets my compliment / complaint and I get personal attention. Mr. Pat Harrison (Operations Director) is like my VIP Rep and assists anytime, anywhere and has such patience with people - I have NOT dealt with a more patient and professional Casino Rep - Mark also does things even if he is not at work, he always tries to resolve something...Now that's SERVICE unrivaled!!!!

Deposits Vs. Withdrawals

I do not consider myself a 'Huge' depositor, but I can do a few $k in a month.

I had an account at 32Red since 2007 but didn't play much there until this year. 90% of deposits were made this year and also spread across Nedplay / Golden Lounge / Dash and 32Red. 32Red has received more deposits than her sisters.

I opened an account at 3Dice in March 2010 and 90% of the deposits there were made in a 3-4month period after I opened the account.
Obviously, I have to take into account my TOTAL Wd's vs Deposits for both these brands and they are summarized as follows:

Deposits - $18 236
Withdrawals - $8 300
Total Win / Loss - (-$ 9 936)

Deposits - $25 812
Withdrawals - $41 141
Total Win / Loss - (+$ 15 329)

At Dash / Golden Lounge and Nedplay collectively (Deposits Vs. WD) I am also ahead. My play at other software brands did not see so many deposits but I can assure you I am in the negative at ALL of them ..RTG / NetEnt / Rival / Cryptologic ...blah blah...

My experiences at 32Red have been that I have always been slightly ahead or behind during all my time playing there. I never went into a Deep negative and my losses have NEVER been huge. I can pump and lose a fair bit, but I would one time or another always get a decent session and kinda even out.

My experiences at 3Dice have been the contrary. Forever 'chasing' just to get level and this is one of the primary reasons I do not deposit big there anymore.

Overall Impressions.

3Dice have a good CS team and nice little Casino setup. Enzo and his team are helpful and they are really cool.

32Red is the STAND Out casino from all the years I have Experience playing Online. I can seriously say that I have never had better service and attention in all my years playing online. I am ahead at other MG Brands also (so this is just not about being ahead), but they do not and will not touch 32Red ....

Irrelevant of the brand of software provided I cannot find a team that is more dedicated to their cause, that Care for their players, that will try and maintain customers and go out of their way to make players happy. There is no mumbo jumbo T&C's like we see at RTG and withdrawal delays like Rival/RTG.... Its Service and payments with a smile.



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Dec 15, 2009
Great post Nate, ive never tried 3DICE - maybe I should someday.

I agree 32Red are the best in the business, i dont think anyone else even really comes close these days.


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Sep 4, 2010
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I rarely played on 3dice, from payout and games, they have far a way to go comparing with 32red(MG).

I will say both casinos having excellent C/S.

Taking about bonus, I think it is not compare-able with total different platforms.
I sometimes take the 32red bonus without invitation:p, even 100x WR will not stop me doing that,
because, I can play so long, I normally play from friday night to sunday morning when trade market is closed.
For other platforms, I will not touch the bonus more than 20x WR.

I enjoy playing at 32red, and will keep playing there. Hope oneday, I can make to the VIP club.

deposit ytd: 21,915
withdraw ytd:15,515



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Nov 26, 2009
Nate, good profit in 32 red. Plastic your losses arent too bad either. I havent played 32 red. I have played 3dice. The customer service is good and do agree with nate that enzo is cool. I will add that i have been taken care of as a player by enzo and the team. The only thing they would need to do to make me head over heels is hand out some wins to me.


Sep 28, 2010
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Great summary Nate :thumbsup: although you missed a few points, withdrawal times = i`ve yet to have (on average) a quicker withdrawal than 3Dice, my personal best was a few minutes from either Lad`s, Virgin, or Sky, but this was a one off as all three have an average time of 8 hours, whereas 3Dice is 1-4 hours which imho is by far the fastest out there.

Also, and this counts for both 32Red group and 3Dice = Hassle and document free withdrawals, both of these casinos must use discrete forms of verifying customers, why can`t the rest?.

Withdrawal reversals - Once again both of these fine establishments have removed the last obstacle as to give their customers a fast withdrawal, oh the sheer irony of those casinos that endorse fair gambling and gambling addiction websites and do not flush reversals :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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May 29, 2008
I have accounts on both casinos, and play a lot in both (and play too at 32red sisters, but the 95% go to 32red) I just only can say that I cashed out more at 32red, and my big hit was there. But at 3dice I had a very nices hits too.

I really like both casinos, and both pay too fast and the support are great in both too.



Mar 22, 2010
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These are my two preffered casinos, i rarely deposit at 32 red however, since with me i can only cashout on 3dice so far, both softwares are fun, i do like the loyalty program in 3dice better.
Support in 3dice is immaculate as far as i can say, and i even had some issues, but all were solved promptly. I know all reps by name, and management too, it´s socially added value/aspect and management are great,
What i can tell from the support in 32red is they are up to the standard for sure, never had too much to do with them yes, however the reps here on cm, Mark and Steve are great guys for sure.
SO here we have two awesome casinos, my favourite so far is 3dice, since it is the only casino where i cashed out ( yes this IS a very important part ^^)

If i check my deposits vs cashout i lose on both casinos so far, but at 3dice a was ahead at one point.
To be fair, i think i had two times the possibillity to cash with a lil profit too at 32red, but ive had those more in 3dice.

SO my conclusion for anyone is that both casinos are worth a try?:thumbsup:


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Aug 24, 2010
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Excellent points you bring up Nate as usual.

Here are a couple of thoughts that crossed my mind at the
time of reading your post.

***32Red Vs. 3Dice ***

32Red:They are a publicly traded company with
many employees and the internal cash to be able to break some land based casinos.
They have millions of current depositing players and cheapskates alike who only play free tourneys.
They're daily deposits to payouts ratio IMO should far exceed 3Dice's best month.
The games available per player session is XX fold versus the games available at 3Dice.

3Dice: They have a "family" type of clientele at their fingertips. They also have a proprietary
software that IMHO keeps the deposits to withdraw ratio pretty much even with
a slightly higher plus for 3Dice's gain. Games at 3Dice for a repeat depositor can become boring
due to the fact of the lack of games and flavor, but 3Dice's games DO have that "win big or go home broke"
feel to them which I respect: I.E. Tut.
Another point to bring out is that 3Dice has a very limited amount of employees, Unless theres other
people we don't hear about working in the background. (besides slot developers)

So all in all I don't see a way that one can compare the two.
Comparing 32Red to 3Dice is like comparing Walt Disney World to a local state fair... Obviously
32Red being Disney World. :p


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Dec 28, 2010
32Red:They are a publicly traded company with
many employees and the internal cash to be able to break some land based casinos.
They have millions of current depositing players and cheapskates alike who only play free tourneys.
They're daily deposits to payouts ratio IMO should far exceed 3Dice's best month.
The games available per player session is XX fold versus the games available at 3Dice.

Just one comment.

32Red Plc (the whole group) has about 30-40 000 active customers to my knowledge. They are actually a "small" company in relation to many of the other publicy traded sportsbooks/casinos. But as you said, they are presumably much bigger than 3Dice.

(an active customer is often defined as a customer who has done one or more deposits within the last 12 months. Some will also use 3 months etc)