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There has been so many bad news here lately that I just wanted to send a nice warm applaude (spell?) to 32Red.
I thought that I would get 20 freespins on Sumemrholiday - but I had misunderstood the promotion, instead I got a cash bonus and I was able to wager it and cash out a little something late last night. When I woke up this morning it was in my neteller account.
32red is by far one of the best casinos out there and I am sure that many of you agree =)
I love the mg software, their support is great and they just make an effort to make you feel welcome and to wanna stay around.. More casinos should take after them =)

Well, that was me beeing nice for tonight =)


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Would you mind telling me a little more about why you like their Casino so much? ;) As you say...more casinos should take after them...


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I can probably help out with a few of the reasons.

#1 is lightening fast cashouts.
#2 is no HASSLE cashouts (to the best of my recollection I have not even had to send this casino docs!)
#3 is 100% willingness to FLUSH withdrawals
#4 Always a support rep available to help
#5 Regular and reasonable bonus structure, even if you are not a VIP
#6 Distinct LACK of complaints about this casino.
#7 Never hear of this casino confiscating winnings.
#8 Publicly traded and very open about their operations.

Just to name a few.


I also rate 32red very highly. I downloaded the casino about 2 months ago after seeing they won casino of the decade from casinomeister (am fairly new to the forum). They are fabulous. I rate 32red and 3-dice as simply the best service I have ever received from online casinos (for all the reasons listed in above post).


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from july 1st to yesterday i have deposited 24-25 times. never withdraval.. its very bad:mad:


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For me it is mostly about the people working there, trying to help you out the best they can. Ypu get holkd of them very easy, through livechat for an example... However I have also emailed them a few times and recived answers all the times within an hour.
The list that darkpixie provided - I agree with all of them =)


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Limit Spreads.

About Red 32 casino.I have thought about gambling at this casino in the past, and would like to know what limit spreads they offer on several of their table games.

Min bet and Max bet on the following games.

Baccarat with or without Dragon Bet
Spanish 21
Sic Bo
Pai Gow Poker or Tiles
American Roulette
French Roulette
3 card poker
4 card poker
Casino War

This list would help many gamblers on here out.

Would influence my decision to gamble here too.

Hope all of you Red 32 casino players and representatives that work for Red 32 can help me out.

Thank you.



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I think you can probably request a guest account and check out the limits etc on your own, unless real and play are somehow different.


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32 Red is the best online casino in my opinion. Points are the transparent bonus conditions and fast withdrawels without problems. And loosing streaks can happen at every online casino. I had a small at 32 Red, yesterday i took the September-Bonus, deposited 50,-, got 32,- and today cashed out 1400,- (Only Slot wins). Was in my moneybookers account this afternoon :thumbsup:


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from july 1st to yesterday i have deposited 24-25 times. never withdraval.. its very bad :mad:
With all due respect, that is a totally meaningless statement.
If you always keep playing until you bust out, or have an unrealistically high target to hit before cashing-out, then of course you have never made a withdrawal.
You could be getting an RTP of 99.9% and still never cash-out under these conditions.

To criticize a casino without giving the full facts is rather unfair IMHO.



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Without doubt 32red stand miles ahead of the rest! And thats me saying it after a biatch of a few weeks. Have played there on and off for years, never had 1 issue with cashout. Documents were sent in years ago and approved same day. C/S is 24/7 and like clock work they pay. Their bonuses are less than others but thats probably due to the fact they have a massive player database, and dont need any hooks to reel in the player. The way they handle the MG product is excellent.

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